international star of Israeli cuisine

A true star of Israeli cuisine around the world, Assaf Granit is known for his cooking with multiple influences. Find out more about this chef.

At the beach Israeli cuisine keep climbing in France, the chef Assaf Granite is a pioneer. real star Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where he owned several successful restaurants, this rugged looking chef is also a star in our country, thanks to his founding Shabour and Balagan settled in Paris. Assaf Granite is also the host of the localized version Kitchen nightmare and jury members from Chief Game and food truck. To learn more about Assaf Granit, find his biography.

Assaf Granit Biography

Assaf Granit was born on August 20, 1978 at Jerusalem, the city he always loved. “He is my inspiration”he said often. Her love for cooking was born very early thanks to her grandmotherwhom he had already followed as a child through the streets of the city “Explore the different tastes and aromas of the market stalls”. “My grandmother Léa was born in Poland where, like me, she learned to cook from her grandmother. The food she cooked came from shtetl in Eastern Europe. her ancestors lived, loved, worked and prayed. When she came to Jerusalem, she found herself in a whole new world.” In this multicultural setting he learned to cook saffron as in Morocco or to make Malawah as in Yemen and developed cuisines with various influences, such as Assaf Granit today.

Where to find Assaf Granit restaurants in Paris and elsewhere?

“I always wanted to open my own restaurant, a place that would reflect both my grandmother’s secrets and Jerusalem’s culinary secrets, and with my friend and fellow chef, Uri Navon, we made that dream come true”, Assaf Granit rejoiced. In 2023, Assaf Granit is already leading the way The 12 restaurants are spread between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, London but also Paris. In the French capital, the chef first opened Balagan (“happy bazaar” in Hebrew), a restaurant with a festive and gourmet atmosphere, offering Mediterranean-influenced, highly fragrant cuisine, accompanied by a good wine list from Israel, Lebanon, Italy or even ‘Spain. Early in 2023, the team sadly announced the closure of the establishment after four intense years. But Assaf Granit’s cooking can always be found in his restaurant Shabourgiven withone star in the Michelin Guide since January 2021. Opened in 2019, La table is a place with an unbridled atmosphere, raw decor, whose dishes reek of sunshine and herbs.

If Assaf Granit is without a doubt the star of Israeli cuisine, his inspirations are actually much wider. Chefs don’t hesitate to do so a mixture of Moroccan, Iraqi, Yemeni or Polish influences to give birth to a lively and colorful kitchen. Another fact of note: Assaf Granit has absolved himself of kashrut (Jewish food bans) rules, a fact that is far from anecdotal when you have several restaurants in Jerusalem. “We are a secular paradise in a religious environment: there is no pretense. Here the feelings and energy are always on the rise,” convinced Assaf Granit.

What are Assaf Granit’s mainstay recipes?

Like all great chefs, Assaf Granit regularly changes his restaurant’s menu to reflect the current season. But among its emblematic dishes, we can cite an example carrots, poached eggs, tahini foam and salmon roea dish so highly appreciated by the Michelin Guide inspectors, or grilled mullet in an oriental bouillabaisse idea. For dessert, Assaf Granit stands out for its semolina cake with orange blossom and pumpkin pudding.

Where can I find Assaf Granit Instagram?

Assaf Granit is not very active on social networks. On hers Instagram account @assaf_granit, the chef hasn’t posted anything since 2020 and previously only uploaded a few portraits of himself or other cooking friends.

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