Can the success of the iPhone 13 cost the iPhone 14?

iPhone 13s is still in great demand. Even though the iPhone 14s will be released soon, 2021’s flagship phones are seeing strong sales. According to a financial analyst, it could be that continued success overshadows the new line of smartphones from Apple.

iPhone 13 has met that hit Inside the world. After their arrival in the market, the latest high-end smartphones from Apple were found to be out of stock. Although similar to the iPhone 12s, the range has risen to the top of the list the best-selling smartphone in the world in the first quarter of 2022. According to IDC figures, the standard iPhone 13 is the most popular terminal on the market, outperforming the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The range largely dominates the premium-oriented device sector.

Almost a year after its release, the iPhone 13s is still selling well. Based on US carrier sales data from Wave7 Research, sales remain very high over the summer though the iPhone 14 is coming soon. The standard model remains the most requested edition with 22% market share. In second place, we find the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a 20% share.

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iPhone 13, the unexpected rival of the iPhone 14?

After consulting figures from Wave7 Research, Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JP Morgan bank, believes the continued success of the iPhone 13 could hurt the new iPhones. The strong demand for the iPhone 13 is showing customers less inclined to wait for the release of the next generation to change smartphones.

People are delaying their iPhone purchases a little more than usual in order to wait for the iPhone 14 explained Samik Chatterjee, in a report submitted by AppleInsider.

To explain this possible lack of interest, analysts point to ” limited feature side changes/improvements “. Despite the unveiling of a new design on the Pro edition, its range is still too close to that of the previous generation to attract customers.

He also highlighted iPhone 14 price increase. According to leaks that have appeared in recent months, Apple will significantly increase the selling price of the iPhone 14 Pro. The price can indeed increase by 15% compared to the iPhone 13. Samik Chatterjee softens his conclusions by considering the situation was similar last year. As the iPhone 13s gets closer, the iPhone 12s is still in high demand.

Apple is planning a new success

Still, Apple expects the iPhone 14s to sell really well in the market. The Cupertino giants have ordered 90 million units to its suppliers, namely as many devices as last year. Before 2021 and iPhone 13, Apple was content to produce 75 million terminals in anticipation of the release of a new generation.

According to leading industry analyst Ross Young, Apple expects iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most popular version, although it is expensive. True to form, analysts delve into the production chain of screens for the iPhone 14.

Leaks calculate the starting price exceeds 1,300 euros in Europe for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Last year, the already high price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max didn’t affect sales. The large format smartphone has easily established itself among the best selling phones in the world.

As a reminder, Apple should present the iPhone 14 at a conference in September. The latest leak ensures that the presentation will be set Wednesday, September 7, 2022. The Apple Watch Series 8 should also be part of the announcement.

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