7 movies to watch on Netflix to celebrate Chinese New Year

news culture 7 movies to watch on Netflix to celebrate Chinese New Year

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This year, Chinese New Year celebrations will be held on Sunday, January 22. For the event, JV’s editors suggest 7 movies available on Netflix to absorb this month’s show.


  • Dual World
  • green snake
  • IP-Man 3
  • New God: Nezha Reborn
  • My Super
  • Mr Ying Yang
  • Next summer

Dual World

Signed Teddy Chan, Dual World is a $43 million Chinese blockbuster, which unfortunately suffered from the Covid-19 crisis following its theatrical release. Western audiences found the film via the Netflix streaming platform. The plot follows the young Dong Yilong, who tries to bring honor to his village by participating in a tournament that pits the best warriors in the kingdom against each other. If the historical context is slightly exploited, the threads of this story will effectively transport you to this fantastic universe. The title is an adaptation of the Zhengtu Online RPG developed by Giant Network. Launched in 2006, this game became a success in China.

green snake

Billed as a sequel to the animated feature White Snake, director Huáng Jiā-Kāng this time offers his own take on the Chinese legend of the White Snake by green snake. The story centers on the character Verta, who must find a way to escape Shura City in an attempt to save her sister, Blanca. A work that greatly deviates from the plot of the first film, but is still full of influences and details from Chinese culture. We highlight in particular the quality of animation proposed by studio Light Chaser, which sets the bar very high in this “urban” saga.

7 movies to watch on Netflix to celebrate Chinese New Year

IP-Man 3

Hong Kong cinema has contributed a lot to the action film genre. If in the 80s and 90s it was democratized, some films wanted to perpetuate this tradition. Released in 2015, IP-Man 3 is a mixed fiction and biopic film that tells the story of Yip Man. He is a grandmaster of the Chinese martial art called wing chun, but his most famous arm feat is being one of the masters of world famous action film actor Bruce Lee. For the third part of this film saga, we follow the life of Yip Man and his family on the Hong Kong side. The martial arts master teaches his art in peace until the day when a talented rival like him comes to challenge him. In 2016, the film directed by Wilson Yip was re-released in 3D in China for the Lunar New Year.

New God: Nezha Reborn

New God: Nezha Reborn is an animated feature film directed by Zhao Ji. Based on the character Nezha from the Ming Dynasty novel Investiture of the Gods, the story takes place 3000 years after NeZha’s victory over the Dragon King. NeZha was reincarnated here as Li Yunxiang, an ordinary young man, delivery boy, and auto racing enthusiast. This fantastical film immerses us in a fantastical world, where water has become a rare commodity, reserved only for the elite.

My Super

Have you ever wished to make your dreams come true? My Super takes us into the everyday life of the crazed Sang Yu, a failed screenwriter who has seen his life change radically over the course of time… He has the ability to return the precious items from his dreams. Between the makeovers and the little fun, it’s hard not to give in to temptation. Zhang Chong denounces through his work capitalism and individualism under the guise of a character obsessed with his new wealth, putting aside his personal values ​​and motivations. A superhero story that disrupts the genre code.

Mr Ying Yang

Master Yin Yang is a film adaptation of a Chinese video game, which was inspired by a book, titled Onmyōji. The film was released in Chinese theaters on 12 February 2021 to celebrate the New Year. After quickly acquiring international rights, Netflix released the film worldwide about a month later. Directed by Li Weiran and written by screenwriter Even Jian, it takes place in a fantastic world that connects humans and demons and is inspired by feudal Asia. The feature film features a half-human, half-demon officer who gets caught in the middle of a terrifying war between two species. The novel is originally in Japanese and evokes the officer, Onmyōji, who trains in feudal Japan.

Next summer

Directed by Leste Chen, Next summer is a breath of fresh air! Between romance and modernity, we follow the story of two high school students who try to deal with life’s difficulties while approaching adulthood. The film explores many themes, particularly lies and family relationships. The love story takes second place here and offers its characters an authentic relationship. Neither cute nor drama, this title will have you hours of fun, especially if you are a romance fan.

7 movies to watch on Netflix to celebrate Chinese New Year

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