Triple de Lacazette, Lyon enforce the law – Dbrief and the players NOTES (Chambry 0-3 OL) – Football

With apparent dominance, Olympique Lyonnais logically beat Chambry (3-0) this Saturday in the last 16 of the Coupe de France. Hat-trick author Alexandre Lacazette was decisive.

Alexandre Lacazette is effective.

Shaken in the first minutes, Lyonnais had no real doubts… Dominating, Olympique Lyonnais logically eliminated Chambry (3-0) this Saturday in the name of the last 16 of the Coupe de France.

Led by the good Rayan Cherki, Les Gones quickly made a difference thanks to a hat-trick from Alexandre Lacazette. Logical qualification for OL.

Cherki, Tet and Lacazette made the difference

At the Groupama Stadium with just 15,000 spectators, the Nationals 3 got off to a good start with Fortier’s first header caught by Lopes. At the corner, The Gones still create big chances with a header from Cherki which is saved by Blachon! In the crowd, Lacazette latched on to a cross from Tet to prod the ball into an empty cage from close range (0-1, 11′). In pain, Chambry swept a correction against Tet, but were offside but not signaled, with a double save from Blachon then Matias.

Too much of a joke, the Chambriens are now really the butt of contention and Blachon still has to intervene against Cherki. And the strength to dominate, OL offered themselves copy-paste with service from Tet for Lacazette, who doubled the advantage in front of an empty cage (0-2, 33). Despite receiving little backlash with a shot from Scarantino which Lopes managed to keep out, Chambry avoided a shipwreck thanks to Blachon, coming in front of Tet and then Lacazette, before the break.

Triple for Lacazette

When they returned from the locker room, the fans tried to rebel, but having a terrible moment worried Lopes. Instead, Lyon stayed sharp with a fresh intervention from Blachon on a shot from Tet. With an interesting technical sequence, Chambry’s players really don’t deserve to play with an overabundance of desire, but huge inaccuracies in the zone of truth.

Always inspired, Cherki gave Blachon a new sensation with a powerful shot that grazed the bar! Then after a true Barcelona festival, Lacazette finally managed a hat-trick (0-3, 67th). At the end of a less intense match, Dembl stood out with a superb error ahead of Blachon… Undeterred, Lyon validated a deserved qualification for the round of 16.

Match score: 5.5/10

Correct meeting. However, the start of the match was interesting with the team from Chambry playing around and most importantly able to disappoint Olympique Lyonnais. However, the residents of National 3 were quickly overtaken by the pace of Ligue 1 formations. Subsequently, their will and effort did not slump, but The Gones still played with great ease.

Purpose :

– After a fine blind pass from Cherki to send Tet into the penalty area, the Brazilian made the move with a cross for Lacazette. The Les Gones captain opened the scoring from close range by pushing the ball into an empty cage (0-1, 11).

– Found at the entrance to the surface, Cherki, launched, made a fine through pass for Tet. Lucid, the Brazilian made a new serve for Lacazette, who scored twice in front, once again, with an empty cage (0-2, 33). Copy-paste the first goal!

– Offset on the left, Barcola, despite having two opponents in front of him, provoked and made the difference to get to the surface. Duty on axis, Lacazette offered up close triples (0-3, 67th).

NOTES from Lyonnais

Maxifoot assigns a score (out of 10) to each OL player.

Man of the match: Alexandre Lacazette (8/10)

The captain of Olympique Lyonnais is very efficient. Twice, the Les Gones centre-forward turned on two serves from Tet to offer himself two goals from close range in front of an empty cage. Attracting with the discount, he also participated in his team’s good order. The ex-Arsenal man even came close to scoring a hat-trick with a volley that was deflected in by Blachon… before actually scoring the third goal, once again from close range, courtesy of a cross from Barcola. determinant.


Anthony Lopes (6): Olympique Lyonnais goalkeeper holds the rankings this Saturday. Noticing Fortier’s first header early in the game, the Portugal international was a little worried afterwards. However, at a rare attempt by Chambriens, Rhodanien still responded with pictures of a beautiful parade a long distance from Scarantino.

Sal Kumbedi (5.5): set up due to injury to Gusto, Olympique Lyonnais’ young right-back is quite spot on. Throughout the match, the former Le Havre was not in too much pain. But being a bit present on the offensive level, he also has some difficulties with certain combinations of opponents in his area.

Sinaly Diomand (7): linked with Lovren in Lukeba’s absence, injury, the Olympique Lyonnais centre-back has been in good form. On several occasions, he was well placed in his own area to relieve his team with decisive interventions. Even in duels, this young Les Gones talent is solid and also clean in raising.

Dejan Lovren (6): The Croatia international played the experience card in this encounter. Overall in little danger, the Olympique Lyonnais centre-back did not hesitate to elbow a few duels with Volic to allow his team to recover the ball quickly. Never had a problem overall.

Nicols Tagliafico (6): Barring a blunder in the first half, with the yellow cards collected, the left side of Olympique Lyonnais had a rather quiet game. On rare raids in Chambry, the game leans mainly on the other side. Missing out on his defensive duties, the 2022 world champion signed off on some sharp climbs with dangerous crosses. Replace the 74th minute with Henrik (no).

Thiago Mendes (6): well and truly present despite rumors linking him with Palmeiras this winter, the Olympique Lyonnais midfielder has dominated his subjects in midfield. Helped by his team’s dominance, the Brazilian only made his passes and was also well-presented in the duel to suffocate National 3. Substituted in the 60th minute by Johan Lepenant (no no).

Corentin Tolisso (6.5): just like Mendes, the Olympique Lyonnais midfielder plays in the armchair this Saturday. With his family in control, the former Bayern Munich man even allowed himself a few climbs to create danger. While recovering, the France international also stayed on to help his side. Replace the 74th minute with Houssem Aouar (no no).

Tet (7.5): back in the starting line-up, the Olympique Lyonnais winger is in fine form. Launched to perfection twice by Cherki, the Brazilian delivered two caviar for Lacazette’s first two goals. With his pace, he caused Chambriens problems, but was unable to score with two big magnifying glass situations and several shots which were caught by Blachon.

Rayan Cherki (7.5): equal in the playmaker role, Olympique Lyonnais’ attacking midfielder really set the tone. To his advantage on a technical level, the young talent took advantage of the space left by Chambrians to provide good copies. In his team’s best-ever start, he was involved in Lacazette’s first two goals by launching deep into the Tet. Dangerous, Lyonnais was checked by Blachon at the first opportunity, before a shot that hit the crossbar in the second half.

Bradley Barcola (7): present in the starting lineup in the absence of Toko-Ekambi, at the start, the winger of Olympique Lyonnais is also good. Lacking a presence from his team-mates in the first 45 minutes, he made up for it after the break. Interesting in his run, Lyonnais had a real individual festival before providing the decisive pass in Lacazette’s third goal. Replace the 70th minute with Moussa Dembl (no no)who missed a big chance right in front of Blachon.

Alexandre Lacazette (8): read comments above.

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SO CHAMBRY 0-3 LYON (mid time: 0-2) – FRANCE – French Cup / 16th
Stadium: – Referee:

Target : – A. Lacazette (11th) A. Lacazette (32nd) A. Lacazette (67th) for LYON
Warning :- N. Tagliafico (43rd)for LION

SO ROOM : It’s BlachonT. Brillon, L. Albrecht, N. PoujolT. Martineau, Gokan Cetin (N. Hdoubane, 79th)T. Viard, A. Matias (D. Kebani, 72)J. Scarantino, Maxence Fortier (N. Bury, 63rd)N. Volik (N. Akrour, 63rd)

LYONS : anthony lopesS. Diomande, D. LovrenS. Kumbedi (M. Caqueret, 61), N. Tagliafico (H. Aouar, 75th)Thiago Mendes, C. Tolisso (Henrique, 75)tet, B. Barcola (M. Dembl, 71st)Mr. CherkiA. Lacazette

Lacazette quickly opened the scoring (0-1, 11)

Captain OL serves double on second pass from Tet (0-2, 33rd)

At the Barcola festival, Lacazette scores third (0-3, 67th)

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