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Lenovo took advantage of IFA in Berlin to present new laptops. After the excellent Yoga Slim range, here comes the ThinkBook and ThinkVision for professionals.

Source: Lenovo

Lenovo is having a good year in 2022. The company offers a very good range of laptops with the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon on the ultraportable side, and the Legion for gamers. At IFA, he decided to upgrade the kit with a range of products for professionals. Along with luxury machines such as the ThinkPad X1 Fold, the brand’s foldable PC or the Lenovo Glasses T1 glasses, the brand offers more classic products for professionals.

Lenovo Thinkbook 16p Gen 3: a powerful and versatile ultraportable

We start with the Lenovo ThinkBook 16p Gen 3 laptop PC. This name refers to a PC that relies more on performance than its ultraportability. Thus there’s an AMD Ryzen 6000-H processor powered by Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060, presumably with a TGP included. There’s also up to 2 TB of storage in dual SSDs and up to 32 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, along with a 71 Wh battery.

The bezel-less 16-inch IPS display offers 2.5K high-definition at 60 Hz. If you want to play with the machine, Lenovo offers a 165 Hz HDR400 configuration.

Among the functions of interest to professionals, there is a fingerprint reader combined with TPM for encrypting data and Windows Hello. The camera has elements to ensure it’s turned off, for privacy, and the PC includes a Kensington lock.

Connections are also quite complete in particular with an SD card reader and a USB4 USB Type-C port, but also two USB-A USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. Several ports are located on the back of the machine, including one HDMI, making it easier to connect your external display.

Despite the emphasis on performance, we are talking about a portable PC that knows how to stay relatively compact at 1.99 kg and the following dimensions: 354.6 x 252 x 19.5 mm.

ThinkBook 16 p Gen 3 available from 1999 euros.

Lenovo Thinkvision: a new range of monitors

Lenovo also showed off a new line of Thinkvision monitors at IFA, whose names may be a bit obscure: ThinkVision T32p-30, T34w-30, T24i-30, T32h-30 and S25e-30. On all of these monitors, Lenovo is targeting the professional market with a screen that is both comfortable and precise.

The Thinkvision T32p-30, for example, offers a 31.5-inch diagonal with 4K UHD definition and an IPS LCD panel. The brand even offers a 34-inch curved screen in 21:9 format with a definition of 3440 x 1440 pixels: ThinkVision T34w-30. However, this is not a game screen.

Among the functions that support our cause, there’s the possibility to connect your PC to this monitor with a simple USB-C cable, and the integration of the on-screen Ethernet RJ45 port to make it the basis of a real, sedentary workstation. Lenovo highlighted the possibility of connecting a webcam via the USB Type-A port.

This display will launch at 669 for the Lenovo ThinkVision T32p-30 and 699 euros for the ThinkVision T32w-30, starting in January 2023.

The ThinkVision S25e-30, T24i-30 and T32h-30 are more accessible versions of these new monitors with their respective resolutions dropping to 1920 x 1080 pixels for the 24-inch format and QHD for the 31.5-inch screen. The first two monitors also restored the analog VGA connector still used in business. The T32h-30 retains the USB-C connection and RJ45 port on high-end displays.

At this reference, the price drops to 169, 249 and 549 euros respectively, with a release scheduled for December 2022.

NB: Our journalist Cassim Ketfi was in Berlin to cover IFA 2022 in its entirety, but he was there as part of a press trip organized by TP Vision (Philips).

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