2nd sales drop: the Segway G30 II Max electric scooter and XXL autonomy are on sale!

Good news plan 2nd sales drop: the Segway G30 II Max electric scooter and XXL autonomy are on sale!

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Facing the climate crisis, many of you are changing your habits and this also applies to everything related to mobility. The electric scooter then became an important ally for switching to light mobility and getting around the city while avoiding traffic jams on the constantly congested ring roads and metro trains. One of the most durable models on the market also benefits from an attractive promotion on Boulanger.

2nd sales drop: The durable Segway G30 II Max benefits from a €100 reduction on Boulanger!

Xiaomi is one of those brands that have democratized electric scooters to the general public thanks to products that are affordable in terms of price and demonstrate great durability. However, the Chinese manufacturer is no longer the only one on the market and if Segway tells you anything, it’s that the brand is also known for its mobility.

Buy a Segway G30 2 Max for €699 at Boulanger

Actually, several years ago, gyropods have become a hit via Segway which has been bought by Ninebot thanks to fundraising from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital. Chinese companies are happy to refocus their production on electric scooters, which are likely to be sold to the general public.

The Segway G30 II Max is normally priced at €799. On the occasion of the 2023 winter sale, you could take advantage of a discount of €100 and it happened at Boulanger. So, the merchant allows you Equip yourself with this model for €699 during the sales period.

Winter sale 2023: The Segway G30 II Max is one of the most durable scooters on the market!

Electric scooters have become an integral part of the contemporary and urban landscape The Segway G30 II Max stands out for its many qualities which makes it a very viable option for everyday use. First of all, it should be noted that while most of the models offer an average distance of around 20 km, this one offers triple that for no less than the announced 65 km, which makes it one of the heaviest on the market!

If figures on paper are sometimes exaggerated, we are still very far from what the competition has to offer. Equipped with a 350 W motor, the performance is more than enough for French statutes and you won’t have it no problem hitting the 25km/h limit framed by law and allows you to circulate without having to equip your scooter with a license plate. However, the use of protection and in particular a helmet is recommended when you drive with this type of vehicle.

On the practical side, it’s also good to see that Segway has put in all the effort expected for simplified use and we listed all the necessary equipment. You will be able to take advantage of a screen that mentions important information, three driving modes at different strengths, and front and rear lights for better visibility.

Of course, storage is facilitated by the presence of crutches but you also have them the possibility of folding the scooter to transport it in better condition and store it almost anywhere, including your workplace. The ideal ally for your urban outings and who benefit from discounts during sales this winter.

Buy a Segway G30 2 Max for €699 at Boulanger

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