The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal is terrorized by Joel, his character in the HBO series. She doesn’t want to be like him

news culture The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal is terrorized by Joel, his character in the HBO series. She doesn’t want to be like him

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Highly anticipated, The Last of Us series is finally here, with its first episode generally very well received. After months of uncertainty, French viewers were able to watch this episode because Amazon Prime Video was in charge of the broadcast. Today, we’re interested in Pedro Pascal, and his relationship with Joel Miller’s character.


  • The Last of Us: early canon for HBO and Sony
  • Joel, character scary behavior for Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us: early canon for HBO and Sony

“Finally!”, said some people who couldn’t wait broadcast of the series Last of us produced by HBO and Sony for months or even years. The reception was lukewarm, as the series piloted by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann became the second best launch of the HBO seriesright behind Dragon House. By ending 10 million viewers in two days, this adaptation of the game Naughty Dog shocked the public.

It must be said that the means have been placed, and that presence Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, Ana Torv, Nick Offerman or even Nico Parker and Gabriel Luna make you want. Following the scenario of the first game while introducing a new sequence, the series promises from its first episode, and there are lots of compliments. However, among the criticisms leveled at the series, we read that it could move away from games a bit, or even avoid duplicating to the nearest shot number of sequences.

However, it’s an assumed production choice, one that fans and curious alike wish to greet. Nothing satisfies Bruce Straleyone of the creators of the franchise, that is not on credit and who complains about that, says that it is an argument in favor of unions. After all, it is for now a box full for Sony and HBObut the trend should be confirmed with subsequent episodes.

Joel, character scary behavior for Pedro Pascal

In order not to affect the appearance of the actors, especially the actors who play Joel and Ellie, the production team asked Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey not to play the game before or during shooting. But the actor playing Joel played the game despite the recommendation, and he enjoyed the interview with Wired to awaken his character. And to say that he was scared of what he could do if he was in the same situation as Joel:

I think the scary thing about Joel is that none of us really know what we will be able to do if we are faced with the thought of losing someone we love. Consciously or unconsciously, being alive or even being human is directly related to the love you feel. Existence is related to the love you feel for certain relationships: your child, your partner. What if you lose it all?

Some people are incapable of applying rational thinking to that kind of loss, or the threat of that loss, or the threat of experiencing another loss, are they? This is what makes you human and dehuman. This is a very beautiful question that video games ask. I avoided all of this by not having children. And stay away from relationships.

The latter, who is 47 years old, doesn’t know if he wants to have children one day. A statement that contrasts with the roles he has played recently, where he often acts as a father figure. But the actor likes to imagine how he would behave in this situation if he were a father. Despite everything, the fact of not having children or having launched the game (aided by his nephew, he explains) despite production recommendations did not prevent Pedro Pascal from playing the very convincing Joel for now. If you’re planning to watch the series in France, it’s possible on Amazon Prime Video, but for now you’ll have to settle for 1080p. The next episode is expected on the platform overnight from Sunday to Mondayafter that there will be seven episodes remaining.

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