It’s snowing more than expected, traffic is hard at times in Occitania: the situation

In some departments of Occitania, roads will be slippery this Friday morning. It snowed a lot on Tarn and Aveyron and even on Haute-Garonne. (©Illustration/ Pont Audemer Revival)

It was announced and 7 Occitanie departments have been placed on orange alert in snow and ice. Thursday, January 19, disturbances coming from the northwest continued to attack the people of Occitania.

At 16.00, it started snowing at Group before approaching Aveyron, Tarn-et-Garonne, Tarn and Upper Garonne at 7 p.m.

Very quickly the ground was white, even in Toulouse. If in Haute-Garonne the road is still passable on the plains, then on the plains of the Tarn and the valley of Aveyron it whitens and becomes slippery. In these two departments, a large amount of snow fell from 500 meters above sea level.

This Friday morning, the orange alerts against ice and snow were lifted everywhere, however the traffic conditions were very tricky. We take stock:

In Haute Garonne

Thursday evening, traffic conditions were regulated on the departmental highway.

Heavy goods vehicles were stopped for most of the night on the A 61 highway before being able to resume their journey around 4:30 am.

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This Friday morning, it’s still snowing near Saint-Gaudens, in Cominges. That the road is slippery on the secondary network.

At Aveyron

It is in this department that the kitchen is the biggest on the street. Snowfall falls to a low altitude of 250 meters above sea level. Last night, riders had a hard time on Rodez.

Videos shared by the site’s Facebook page South Averon weather show how complicated the night traffic is:

South of Aveyron, trucks stop between Millau and Albi:

This morning traffic was difficult across the road network. The salt makers are at work.

Due to the formation of snowdrifts, two roads closed : RD 32 between Belmont-sur-Rance and Lacaune and RD 219 between the resort of Brameloup and the village of Aubrac.

Yellow, heavy traffic this morning.
Yellow, heavy traffic this morning. (© Aveyron Department)

In Tarn

All departments were affected by the snowfall except for the Castres sector. Snow held the ground in the Gaillac and Albi areas of the plains.

As usual, the Lacaune sector is the most affected.

This morning traffic conditions were very volatile in many sectors of the department: in Saint-Sulpice, Giroussens and Graulhet, Cordes, Carmaux, Gaillac and Albi but also Brassac.

The situation is especially difficult in the Lacaune sector.

Gritter in action this Friday morning.

State of the road this Friday, January 20, 2023 in Tarn.
State of the road this Friday, January 20, 2023 in Tarn. (© Tarn Department)

In the Hautes-Pyrenees

A few snowflakes were still recorded in the Pyrenean foothills this Friday morning. Vinci Autoroutes advises caution if you are driving on the A 64 motorway, especially near Lannemezan.

The secondary network remains slippery.

At Tarn et Garonne and Lot

Both departments were hit by the first breakdown. The ground has turned white in Cahors and Montauban.

Just before 7am, the salt spreaders finished their work between Montauban and Toulouse, on the A62 motorway. Salting takes place on the Montauban bypass and at Lot on the A20 motorway.

Traffic is more complicated on parts of the secondary road network. Especially because of the ice, as the Department warned:

In Ariege

Less impacted than other departments tonight, traffic remains smooth on secondary network.

Access to the Pas de la Casa has been closed.

Road conditions in Ariege this Friday morning.
Road conditions in Ariege this Friday morning. (© Ariège Department)


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