Baccalaureate: through art, students overcome current ills in society

The work of students from the Rémi Belleau secondary school is on display at the Label Friche gallery in Nogent-le-Rotrou. ©CF

As part of the exams for the baccalaureate exam, accompanied by Sylvie Mazereau, they teacher plastic arts, the student Terminale from Rémi Belleau secondary school took over the In Situ gallery space in Nogent-le-Rotrou in early January 2023 to showcase their creations.

As part of the baccalaureate

Present in large numbers, the students were guided by each one teacher. He explained: “during my undergraduate visual arts, my students had to present a series of works to the jury. This exhibition is one of them. »

Manage upgrades

According to the professor, thanks to these achievements, teenagers are not just creative.

“It’s also about exposing them creation ; presenting it while knowing how to highlight it; to complete the process; to think about how to put into practice what they imagined. This is their first exhibition at the gallery. »

Respond to current events

Of course, and as always, they had to follow instructions.

Here, it is appropriate to react to current events.

Sylvie Mazereau

An opportunity to confront them with reality. “There may be a change between the departure point and arrival point. In other words, what they may have envisioned at the beginning may not match what they ultimately achieve.

And if it’s a “mildly girly” subject, notice that out of the sixteen students there are two boys.

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Three months

Between the All Saints holidays and Christmas, that is, for nearly three months, the students worked hard.

Defend abortion

Amance wants to denounce people who attack abortion rights. On the wall, a painting depicting a woman wearing swimsuit bottoms was drawn. The hanger came to rip off his clothes. Behind the folds formed by the tears, we can see the names of all the women who fought to defend this right. Below, a single leaf has been placed. On each of them, the high school student recorded key dates in this battle.

I started with this sometimes sensitive subject in the United States. In France, it took us a long time to get this freedom. Unfortunately, people will always want to unplug it.


This subject really touched him. “With the hanger, I want to highlight the secret abortion. Women take risks when they have secret abortions. “An opportunity for high school youths to tackle men who sometimes (often) give their opinions on things that don’t concern them.

Refuse smoker pollution

Jade, though a smoker, chooses to be disapproving pollution caused by smokers. He made a silhouette of a person in a cubic shape. Cigarette in his mouth, both lungs have been pulled out. One is red and therefore “healthy”; the other is yellow and thus weakened.

“I want to denounce the pollution caused by cigarette butts and underscore its harmful aspects tobacco. According to him, the law should be tightened, as has happened in Canada.

I went there last year and there and you are not allowed to throw away cigarette butts.


Behind the sea; sink

Still in the same gloomy tone, Paco wanted to represent the sea with the fabric that was waved and then dyed blue. Beneath this bluish mass, he placed human bodies of various sizes and made of hardened modeling clay.

Behind this frame, the young man places a picture of a beach where many tourists bathe. At first glance, the picture is very beautiful. But by getting closer, it was possible to see the lines.

The high school student explained: “with my project I want to emphasize immigrant who died at sea during various crossings. Behind this calm appearance, there is a problem that we don’t always see. »

Observing rather than solving?

Other students prefer to highlight cyberbullying, pollution caused by chemicals, malnutrition, domestic violence, feminicide in France…

Without criticizing what has been achieved, François Kinderpresident of Label Friche, described this atmosphere as heavy and heavy.

Is it easier to see that something is wrong than to try to fix it? That question is worth asking.

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