This preview of Tchia: Zelda Breath of the Wild on PS5 will blow your mind on PC

Preview Tchia: Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise you

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The fruit of the work of nine devotees, Tchia will offer you in 2023 a topical open world in the skin of a young adventurer who is not afraid to climb to the tops of trees and soar through the air.

Since the dream platform game Fossil Echo (2016), studio Awaceb, whose name is borrowed from New Caledonian slang which translates roughly as “everything is fine” or “don’t worry”, has been earnestly crafting more ambitious projects. From two, the team has now grown to nine talents who are motivated to write an extraordinary love letter to New Caledonian culture, 40% of which are indigenous. This year, the tropical open world adventure game Tchia will task us with freeing the father of a heroine from the clutches of a terrible tyrant; an experience that promises an unprecedented journey near the fictional island’s blue lagoon.

Blind exploration

No introduction given, the preview takes us a few hours after the start of the journey of young Tchia, this world’s hero who for the time being seems without great danger. Our first mission: to bring delicious crabs to the matriarch of a quiet village inhabited by several huts. Hence it’s hard to expand the scenario, still barely sketched out in some adorable cinematics dubbed in French by warm-voiced local talent. Our protagonist satisfied us with his dialogue passage in Drehu, one of the most spoken Kanak languages ​​of the island of Lifou, in the Coral Sea. The character gallery exudes a certain charm in this regard and we look forward to meeting all of the faces that make up this journey.

Dropped into a sort of sandbox in an open world, we learn by trial and error to master the intricacies of our lush environment as well as the operation of our beautiful makeshift raft. And only after a few minutes spent reading the fortuitous indications from the directional signs and climbing the mountain empty-handed so Tchia could take directions from the highest peak of the island, a compass appeared. ; a subtlety that makes sense in this exploration of wilderness and whose intent we can only love.

At first glance, Tchia does not shine with its technical qualities, suffers from clipping and a lot of animation glitches ; the panorama is no less touching, especially when the evening lights cover the villages. A scene wrapped in pretty melodies played on the flute and very soft percussion. Plus, this adventure will give you a musical break by the fire that you might never enjoy anywhere else. While we haven’t had a chance to explore the entire map and therefore don’t have a real picture of the entire area, the few biomes visited manage to stand out with some subtleties of their fauna and flora. , which also has its own glossary. We would also appreciate adding a collectible or manuscript capable of bringing more substance to the knowledge of this very interesting universe; and in this sense, it would be nice to be able to enter into dialogue with a few passers-by here and there who are generally content to undertake the journey or task assigned to them by dropping a predetermined sentence.

Ocean of ideas

Awaceb’s proposal is full of great ideas; Tchia can learn incantation notes to play on her ukulele to change the time or to summon animal apparitions; very useful as a prodigy is able to control any beast, other than a few objects like rocks which we will soon ignore. Birds and water creatures will be favored to traverse currents and skies quickly to the detriment of less attractive animals. Too bad, for now, this amazing ability seems to have basically limited its usefulness for traveling.

Having creatures consume an auto-refilling stamina meter, which also appears when you climb rather steep heights or soar above villages by parachuting on giant leaves. Tchia is able to climb almost any surface and can even swing from the treetops to jump. All of these settings worked well and definitely made the ride more enjoyable, although our little one was definitely not the fastest on the island when it came to running.

Among the many small activities that you can enjoy at Tchia, also rely on photography which might remind you of the peaceful walks of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, stacking stones, running challenges in shark skin or totem statues, which open the doors of sacred temples where certain advantages exist. Lastly, rag soldiers created by the game’s villain, Meavoura, prepare for a fight that you can easily escape. So don’t count on Tchia to kick off the crazy action phases, that’s not the point of her adventure. who has not yet revealed to us the essence of his adventures.

Tchia: Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise youTchia: Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise you

Our impression

As it stands, Tchia still has a lot to show us: the scenario, though promising, is still barely palpable and the islands are far from revealing all of their landscapes. Technically it’s true, this game still deserves to be refined further in order to be able to offer an immersive and warm experience. But his anthology of good ideas and undeniable cachet make him a truly captivating project from which emanate certain virtues. A very pretty love letter to the island of New Caledonia, which we sincerely look forward to discovering all of its expanses. A Tchia release is planned for early this year on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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