Pension reform: and now, what timetable? A date to remember

What’s the next deadline for pension reform? Here’s the schedule. (©LPDM)

The date is marked in red pen on the calendars of employers, unions and politicians – and more broadly, of all French people: Tuesday, January 10, 2023the much awaited presentation day pension reform.

Postponement of the legal retirement age to 64, reassessment of small pensions, better consideration of hardship and professional attire, elimination of special schemes… For nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, accompanied by her three ministers, detailed contents of the reform.

And now that it has been publicly announced and a national mobilization is being prepared for this Thursday, January 19th, what is the next deadline pension reform? Here’s the schedule.

Thursday, January 19, 2023 – general mobilization of trade unions

They had announced it even before the reform presentation, and repeated it downstream of Elisabeth Borne’s speech: the eight major unions – CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa, Solidaires, and FSU -, called on the workers to strike in response to the bill.

The selected date is Thursday, January 19, 2023. “Following the announcement of the government’s reforms, all trade union organizations immediately came together to build a joint response in the form of interprofessional mobilization,” they said in a joint press release published late Tuesday.

Because it represents all workers, job seekers, and retirees, it is these union dates that initiate strong mobilization for long-term retirement.

Inter-union press release

A desirable mobilization register from time to time, therefore, and who want to reach all professional sectors. Like CGT Petroleum, which has invited several strikes at refineries on social networks, and the first date falls on January 19.

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Saturday 21 January 2023 – La France Insoumise (LFI) parade

The date has been stopped for a month until today. On December 10, France Insoumise (LFI) announced that a march would be held in January against pension reforms.

The date for Saturday 21 January 2023 has been selected. The “March for our pensions” will take place in Paris, detailed on the party’s website.

“LFI will be maximal […] It is up to everyone to see what their strategy is to mobilize against pension reform, we will support all mobilizations,” Val-de-Marne deputy (LFI) Louis Boyard said in December. West France.

If the unions want to join this date, there will be many more of us beating the government.

Louis BoyardMP (LFI) for Val-de-Marne

Monday, January 23, 2023 – Council of Ministers

After the presentation to the general public, the discussion in the political sphere. Finally, not just any old: as Elisabeth Borne mentioned on January 10, the pension reform will be presented again in the Council of Ministers January 23.

An opportunity for the on-site government to meet around Emmanuel Macron to discuss the text, including in the 2022 amendment Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSSR), mentions Northern Voice.

By integrating it into the PLFSSR, in accordance with the Constitution, reforms can be adopted without a parliamentary vote, if the government so requests chapter 49-3. Then it will be the 11th commit of this article by Elisabeth Borne.

January 26, 2023 – second factory strike

Exactly one week after the national mobilization against reform, CGT Petroleum was back in action with the second attack from January 26, 2023. A mobilization that must endure 48 hoursthe union has announced on social networks, compared to just one day on January 19.

The consequences planned for this new day of strike remain the same: “decreased flow” and “stopped delivery” of fuel.

“About January 30th” 2023 – text in National Assembly

After Elisabeth Borne spoke on January 10, then the discussion of the text in the Council of Ministers two weeks later, late January 2023 will see the third official presentation of the pension reform.

Anyway, here’s what Elisabeth Borne, JT’s 8pm guest. France 2 stream his presentation on Jan. 10. “Around January 30”, according to a parliamentary source quoted by french infothe text must reach a committee in the National Assembly.

6 February 2023 – reviewed by MPs

Upon his arrival before the deputies, the pension reform will then be examined at the hemicycle starting February 6, 2023. Once the first version has been validated, the text will pass into the hands of the Senate.

This will be followed, during March, by a potential back-and-forth between the National Assembly and the Senate, interim MPs approved the final version text.

During the same period, the third (but not necessarily the last) strike at refineries will take place, as promised by unions in the oil sector. But this one will last 72 hours (compared to 48 hours and 24 hours for the last two mobilizations at the factory).

At the end of these three days, an extension of the strike will be proposed to employees “with, if necessary, the closure of the refinery”. Raising concerns over risk of shortages and recalling the difficulties faced last fall, during the blockage of fuel depots and refineries, which lasted several weeks.

Summer 2023 – adopted text?

Emmanuel Macron announced it during his oath to France on December 31: “As I made a commitment to you, 2023 will be the year of pension reform”.

The final deadline for the pension reform to enter into force was set by the President in “late summer 2023”. So it must be promulgated in advance Notes official for the first action to be applied.

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