LIVE. Strikes against pension reform: schools, transport … follow this Black Thursday disruption


Blockade attempt in front of the Hélène Boucher high school in Paris

According to HQ media, young people tried to blockade the Hélène Boucher secondary school this morning in Paris. Tear gas was used against high school students.


Almost deserted line 14

At 8 this morning, line 14 is almost deserted. The travelers seem to have made their arrangements.

Line 14 Thursday, January 19


“We must listen to the concerns of the French,” assured Dussopt

Questioned at the LCI set, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt judged that “there are a number of French people who will demonstrate in good faith because they have concerns”. “When we do pension reforms, there are always concerns. We are also aware that we are asking France to make an effort. These concerns need to be heard. But sometimes some unions use these fights to play on fear. When I always hear that the poorest 25% of people die before the age of 62, that is wrong,” he stressed, giving rise to an argument raised by Insoumis in recent weeks.


“Protest peacefully”

Invited to the RMC / BFMTV, Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT, called for coming “to demonstrate in a peaceful way”: “We have to get this to the fullest there. I want a peaceful show of force, but you still have to hear these screams.”

Then he confirmed his disagreement with Philippe Martinez, about the blackout. “I don’t support that,” he said.


The strike became the last

Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, invited the Public Senate to convene an inter-union meeting this evening to decide on the movement’s continuation. “We already have an idea, but you will find out tonight. There were 8 of us, I am not a spokesperson for the intersyndicale (…). We are already going to demonstrate, strike. »

“The tone has to be loud, there has to be a renewed attack. (…) There will be inter-professional days, in the company it will be discussed, but the employee decides in the company. »


“I filed a two-month notice of reprimand”, said the Unsa Public Service

Will the school strike last long? This is what Luc Farré, general secretary of Unsa Public Services at Radio Sud, implies: “I filed a two-month strike notice. We are preparing for a difficult conflict. We want the government to listen, and listen quickly. »


“Violence is never in demonstrations, it is all around”, said the union members

“Public security is up to the state to maintain. Violence is never in demonstrations, it is all around, beside ”, recalls on Sud Radio Frédéric Souillot, general secretary of the FO. At the Senate Public, Philippe Martinez also emphasized that the violence was not the responsibility of the unions or the demonstrators.


“Reform is serious”, repeated Philippe Martinez

“This is the first time the three unions have come together, you underlined it yourself, the Secretary General of the CGT told reporters at the Public Senate, it proves how serious reform is. We are facing dogmatic and ideological reforms. »


“This is real social decline”

“France lost their freedom to retire at 62 years old. People will wait another two years to retire when they are in a difficult social situation, ”complained Sud Radio Frédéric Souillot, general secretary of the FO.

“Everyone will need two years, regardless of a long career and difficult situation”, said Luc Farré, secretary general of Unsa’s Public Services.

Asked about the models in our European neighbours, which work longer hours, union members replied that they didn’t work the same way. “We don’t work the same way. In Sweden, no one on a construction site is over 50 years old”, assures Luc Farré.


Metro lines 10 and 11 are finally operating during rush hour, only Line 8 remains closed in Paris

RATP network traffic is in line with forecasts, with the exception of lines 10 and 11, which will eventually provide minimum service, when they should be closed: line 10 was fully open this morning during rush hour, with 1 train in circulation out of 2. And line 11 is also open on rush hour this morning, but only between Belleville and Lilas town hall. 1 in 5 trains will run.

Only line 8 remains closed.

Finally, line 3 operates during rush hour between Pont de Levallois and Havre-Caumartin (not Pereire).


The striker sharply increases the blackout

Electricity production cuts organized by the EDF agency to challenge the government’s plans on pensions have increased markedly, reaching at least the equivalent of twice Paris consumption, indicating high and very high voltage CGT and RTE operators.

“This is the start of the fight to retreat!! “, wrote the CGT Mines Energie federation in a flyer on social networks, announcing “more than 7,000 MW of production cuts without any impact on users”.


“There will be power outages”, predicts Philippe Martinez

Asked by the Senate Public about possible power outages due to the strike, Philippe Martinez predicted a significant reduction in energy production. “When people are no longer working, there is no more production. But they are people who are in charge of public service, they don’t do anything. Electricity production will decrease,” predicts Philippe Martinez, general secretary of CGT.


“Time to live in France”

“When you say you listen to the French and you go abroad on the day of the great mobilization… It’s time to live in France”, reacted Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT in the Public Senate, to Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Spain.


Merchants “barricade themselves”

Demonstrations against pension reform will begin at 2 p.m. in the Republic and end in the Nation. On the way, the store manager and other shop owners expected the worst.


It’s complicated to attend an NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls

Some have come from far away to attend this event. NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, at the Accor Arena in Paris. For these fans, a transport strike ruined their night: while some insisted on arriving at all costs, others were forced to sell their tickets. Testimonials in this article.


Test day for Emmanuel Macron

The government is trying to downplay the scale of the declared strike, but behind the scenes everyone is holding their breath. In an effort to quell the spread of the protests, Elisabeth Borne asked ministers to participate in public meetings. He himself did it last night in Val-de-Marne. But today, Emmanuel Macron will be in Barcelona (along with eleven of his ministers!) for the signing of… “an agreement of friendship and cooperation with Spain”. Find our political analysis in this article.


Why are some paths closed completely?


Was it a successful event?

Paris, December 17, 2019. Demonstration between the republic and the nation, against the pension reform project.


Véran calls for not turning the mobilization into a “blockage”

“Show, yes, block the country, no! said government spokesman Olivier Véran emphatically on Wednesday after the Council of Ministers. Dan insisted: “We hope this popular expression doesn’t get in the way. “We are calm and determined,” he said after the meeting at the Elysee Palace, the day before this mobilization day.


Labor union members in the morning

Before pounding the pavement, Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, will be the guest of the Public Senate at 8 a.m., Frédéric Souillot, general secretary of the FO, will be on Radio Sud at 8:15 a.m., while Laurent Berger, of the CFDT, he will be on the BFMTV/RMC microphone at 8:30 am.


This will be their first demonstration



Law enforcement was deployed across France

More than 10,000 police and police will be deployed this Thursday. This was announced on Wednesday by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. “We are preparing for the fact that there will be people,” he said. According to him, among the police to be mobilized, 3,500 police and police will be deployed in Paris where it is estimated that “several thousand people who could commit violence”.


Find sector-by-sector breakdowns

Rail and air transport, schools, refineries and energy… catastrophic disruptions are expected throughout the day. Find them here.


Very disruptive to rail traffic


Hello and welcome to this live,

We will jointly participate in this Thursday’s all-day mobilization, which promises to be massive, in the face of pension reform.

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