LIFE. January 19 strike: between 34% and 43% of strikers in Norman education

Enrollment in tertiary institutions is estimated at 40.29%, in general and technology secondary schools at €28.37 and in vocational secondary schools at 21.48%.

12:14 p.m.: It’s past noon as several demonstrators leave the impressive procession that heads for Rouen prefecture.

Demonstrators leaving a procession in Rouen – Paris-Normandie photo

12:10 p.m. : Mobilization figures are starting to improve in Dieppe. Trade unions claim more than 5,500 people were mobilized, while police declared 4,200 people in demonstrations.

The procession gave up joining the sub-prefecture, because there were too many people. Everyone gathered in front of the city hall.

: Mélanie, 38, came to demonstrate with her family in Dieppe: “I started working late, I stopped to raise my kids. I will never get a pension if the reforms pass! “.

Mélanie, 38, came to demonstrate with her family in Dieppe
Mélanie, 38, comes to demonstrate with her family in Dieppe – Paris-Normandie Photo

12 noon : The delay in retirement age is the main reason for the dispute but it is in procession. We also see banners calling for wage increases.

The delay in retirement age is the main reason for the dispute but it is in procession
Delayed retirement age was main reason for protests but in procession – Paris-Normandie photo

11:47 a.m: When the head of the procession arrived at the Le Havre wharf in Rouen, the demonstrators were still on the Corneille bridge! “Even at the yellow vest demonstrations, there weren’t that many people”, a man’s comment. “I would say that there are nearly 20,000… must be in Paris! “.


11:41 a.m : Stopped at the Théâtre des arts in Rouen, no more Teor buses running. Agents from the Tip network direct disgruntled users to the Boulevard des Belges.

There are no Teor buses running in Rouen anymore
No more Teor buses running in Rouen – Paris-Normandie photo

11:32 : “Don’t look at us, join us!” “. The head of the procession in Rouen which has just rounded the Verdrel square, will descend to rue Jeanne-d’Arc, and greet the spectators.

In the procession, the songs unite. The Zebda group’s eternal “Motivated” and “No setup (maybe)” are hidden by the sound system.

The procession walked down rue Jeanne d'Arc in Rouen
Procession walking on rue Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen – Paris-Normandie photo

11:07 : It’s hard to count the demonstrators accurately, because the procession stretched across Rouen. The entire rue de la République to the town hall has been completed but the Corneille bridge is still very busy. 5000 demonstrators cheerfully overwhelmed.

A large procession of demonstrators marched through Rouen
Large procession of demonstrators marching through Rouen – Paris-Normandie photo

: Dieppe’s procession heads to the Colbert bridge, passing between the preventive and trading basins, in the harbour. CGT estimates that around 3,000 people were mobilized. Figure to perfect.

Dieppe's procession departs
Dieppois procession departs – Paris-Normandie photo

11 am : While the demonstration starts for more than half an hour, the procession ends invariably in front of Franklin, the union home of Le Havre.

The procession always ends in front of Franklin, the union home of Le Havre
The final procession is still in front of Franklin, the union center in Le Havre – Paris-Normandie photo

10:56 : Huge crowd crossing the Corneille bridge, in Rouen, between slogans: “retire before death”, “Higher education in retirement one day…discounts malus forever”.

: In Dieppe, thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the station. It’s hard to count at the moment.

Protesters march in Dieppe
Demonstrators marching in Dieppe – Paris-Normandie photo

: Installation driver in the Renault Cléon engineering sector, François-Xavier, 42, said: “It is impossible to keep our physical work until we are 64 years old”. In response to all of CGT’s calls, he is motivated to make the movement last. “While marching today I also thought of my children.”

François-Xavier, 42, demonstrated in Rouen while
François-Xavier, 42, demonstrating in Rouen “thinking about his children” – Paris-Normandie Photo

10:28: Even the Saint-Joseph school in Le Havre is on strike

“It never happened but we are here out of frustration in general. Tired of working under pressure and not being able to do a good job, that goes beyond retirement”, says this French teacher from the private Saint-Joseph institute in Le Havre, not used to demonstrating. Their number (teachers and supervisors) is around one hundred out of a total workforce of 120 people and it is not easy to mobilize because “risk of reprisal”.

The Saint-Joseph School in Le Havre went on strike
Saint-Joseph school in Le Havre on strike – Paris-Normandie photo
thumbnail_Image (4)
Paris-Normandy’s photo

“It’s a general disappointment”

Sandrine Desmezieres, a civil servant in Le Havre, rarely parades. He will demonstrate with colleagues. Present Thursday, January 19, 2023 for “A general is fed up, not just to retire. Tired of always hitting the same. We always ask to pay more. »

Sandrine Desmezieres, a civil servant in Le Havre, was in the procession of the demonstrators
Sandrine Desmezieres, civil servant in Le Havre, in a procession of demonstrators – Paris-Normandie Photo

10 a.m
: Place Carnot, the rallying point for demonstrations against pension reforms in Rouen, was already packed with people minutes after the given meeting time of 10 am. Nearly 2,000 people were there.

: Half an hour before the start of the demonstration as part of the mobilization against pension reform, the meeting point was given at Franklin, the union center in Le Havre.

The demonstrators began to arrive.

The first demonstrators arrived at around 09.30.
The first demonstrators arrived around 09.30 – Paris-Normandie photo

One million protesters?

They dispute the contents of the pension reform announced by the government. Nearly a million people are expected to crowd the sidewalks, Thursday 19 January 2023, in France. The school sector, public services and transportation will be badly affected by today’s mobilization.

In Seine-Maritime, several meetings are planned: Le Havre and Rouen at 10 am, Dieppe at 10:30 am, Lillebonne at 14:00 pm, Fécamp at 2:30 pm and the European Union at 15:00 pm.

In Eure, the meeting is held in Évreux at 2 p.m.

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