Let’s reinvent the car for life

Renault introduces its new Scenic model: The Vision. A car that retains its legendary charisma, yet reveals new ambitions. The music in the commercial is a song by the Scala & Kolacny Brothers titled “Every breath you take.”

Renault Scenic Vision advertisement: Let’s reinvent the car for life

Renault’s “Let’s reinvent cars for life” advert features scenes we all experience, every day. It begins with a boy running, saying goodbye to a woman who is on her way. The latter seemed to be deeply moved by having to leave. We then see a very fashionable old man with his little son who sings as they drive by. The commercial continues in the rain with the couple. They ran and rushed to take cover in their car. The next scene is two teenagers kissing in a car and being caught by a policeman. Next came a woman in the middle of the road putting her things in the trunk.

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