it jostled at the gate of 80gb packs!

Full of meaning:

  • that the average French consumes an average of 13.4 GB of mobile data per month for daily use,
  • that an hour of video in standard quality “costs” about 1 giga per hour,
  • that you can save your mobile Internet package by connecting to Wi-Fi as soon as possible,

so 80 gigabytes of mobile data in 4G per month, for 10-15 euros, super affordable, super convenient, and even almost overkill, unless you spend your days on TikTok or Netflix. Therefore, these enhanced entry-level formulas have an excellent data volume/price ratio, and each has its own specifics.

Orange and SFR: quality, service, choice…and price!

Orange nicknamed him “its versatile best-seller” : this 80 GB package is one of the few plans in its category that offers you the possibility to use everything from abroad, in the same way as unlimited phone offers. The following areas are covered: Metropolitan France, Europe and the Dom area, Switzerland, Andorra.

The price doubles between the first and second year: from €14.99 to €29.99 per month. While not the cheapest, it guarantees impeccable service: the best mobile network quality for 12 years, customer service via chat, phone or in store, replacement phone loans if needed…

Small bonuses: the only non-binding package in the Orange range, can still be associated with a new phone. Take advantage of the sale to treat yourself to the Xiaomi Redmi 9C for €99, or the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G for €199, and pay in 4 installments if necessary.

Competing network owner operator SFR aligns itself with Orange for its somewhat European phone offering and usage. Ditto for mobile Internet, and it costs 15 euros. The big difference comes from SFR’s “TV, content, and entertainment” strategy, which is evident in the many paid options on offer:

  1. entertainment: Deezer for music, Cafeyn for press, online games and game apps, anime and games for kids, Napster, e-books… Some of the options developed by SFR are also offered during the month of discovery
  2. television : some bouquets available by subscription. Sports are in the spotlight with RMC Sports, BeIN SPORTS and Ligue 1 Uber Eats. Netflix and Disney+ too, and SFR’s “Family” plan, to satisfy every household
  3. Security : options to secure your online activities, parental control, cyber security tools…

Original alternatives: Lebara and Youprice

Made in London, and a network partner of Orange since last year, Eid bears traces of his DNA from seller of prepaid cards and ethnic phones. Here, there are no monthly subscription contracts, or bank details for SEPA direct debit: you pay online (by credit card or Paypal) for a non-binding plan that renews automatically every 30 days. Today, it’s a 4G 80GB package for €9.99, a package from the Lebara range reserved exclusively for new subscribers.

Everything about international presented in the form of packages that must be paid additionally: depending on your destination (Maghreb, Europe, North America, etc.), and the number of minutes or gigabytes desired, they are tailored to your real needs, without the risk of accidental overshoot.

The offer is kept simple, but we appreciate the free SIM card, and the possibilities sponsors family and loved ones. The money earned from your referrals goes directly to your bank account (15 to 25 euros per subscription plan, depending on the offer). Pretty cool idea!

And then there you price. How to explain to you… Do you know bi-flavored gum? YouPrice is a bit like that: it leaves the choice of network up to the customer. Orange or SFRit all depends on the best network coverage near your home, which can be seen on the mobile antenna deployment map.

Unprecedented in the low-cost cellular plan landscape, this bold positioning comes with a flexibility here is also original: the “Le First” package actually includes a consumable set of mobile data, enough to adapt the bill to your needs. So, up to 80GB, costs €9.99. 3 euros more for 90GB, and 14.99€ for 100GB in France.

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