Hearthstone Battlegrounds: the living dead and two meta future king tribes? Our impressions of season 3!

Game news Hearthstone Battlegrounds: the living dead and two meta future king tribes? Our impressions of season 3!

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Undead, new heroes, and two-tribe minions join the party in Hearthstone Battlegrounds mode. They arrived on Tuesday, January 17th at the launch of Update 25.2, identical to the third season of the auto-battler.

After a long wait, Season 3 of Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode arrived Tuesday night with an update launching at 19:00. A new season that brings new features to the auto-battler from Blizzard’s card game that we tried quickly. We give our opinion!


  • Reminder on how Battlegrounds mode works
  • Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Undead and Double Tribes
  • Hearthstone Battlegrounds season 3: what exactly has changed?

Reminder on how Battlegrounds mode works

Let’s go back first to briefly explain the principles and concepts of Hearthstone battlefield (aka battle-field but also BB). As mentioned above, battle-field take the concept of auto-battler. It consists of two phases: one of buying servants, the other phase of the clash between the player’s creature and his opponent. Whoever manages to keep the minion alive wins the battle and immediately deals damage to the enemy hero. The uniqueness of this type of game lies in the automation of combat: the player does not directly decide where his creature attacks because it is decided randomly.

Chance that can be reduced thanks to special maids: some have them Provocation and will pull all enemy attacks to death, while others can target specific minions (depending on their attack for example).

All creatures are divided into tribes, each of which has synergy. That Dragon have spells to increase their stats for the next fight, whereas Mech are known for their divine shields (negates damage from the first attack they receive) and magnetism (they can combine and combine their stats). There are 188 minions, all spread across 10 tribes (even not having a specific tribe can be an advantage). The stronger they are considered, the more they are will have a high level of taverns (maximum 6). The tavern levels up with gold coins, which are therefore not used to buy minions: it is a risk of leveling up your tavern very quickly as the costs are very high at the start.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Undead and Double Tribe

The basics explained, it should be easier to get close to what Battlegrounds season 3 changes to. season 2 big features, search system disappeared. Nothing replaces them, but the tribe zombies that entered the Arrival game in the last extension logic used in Hearthstone with the March of the Lich King. This race of minions will play out two mechanisms: deathrattle, which triggers an effect when a minion dies, and reincarnation, which resurrects eliminated creatures with 1 health point.

But that’s not all, because double tribes have also arrived in Battlegrounds. Some of the new minions belong to two different tribes, multiplying the synergy possibilities and making them (on paper) versatile. Elementals and Murlocs, Dragons and Hurans or Undead and Mecha… There’s almost something for everyone.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds season 3: what exactly has changed?

Despite the wide variety of gameplay that quests bring, Blizzard wanted to risk a comeback by simply adding new tribes. For now, the bet appears to be working. Indeed, this new tribe seems to be a real cut above the rest, especially since some that were already weak prior to season 3 didn’t benefit from any real upgrades. In Season 2, it’s not uncommon to see the same endgame pattern: relying on one-hit kill minions, like Leroy Jenkins or all that has the keyword toxicity.

Something that will probably change thanks to the synergies exploited by the Undead: the goal is to maximize minion attack (with creatures like Anub’arak, the Nerubian King) and to play with creatures that are summoned when some of them die (like the mechanic from Immortal Knight) For example. A regular water hammer that all the old compositions couldn’t manage: the new composition could therefore claim the ultimate victory, enough to vary play styles.

Outside the New Tribe which is the main novelty of this third season of Champs de Bataille, there are some new things. The 90th hero (a character who has completely different heroic powers) joins the cast because he is a scientist rotten which can be chosen by those lucky ones who find it at the beginning of the game. A hero that is more than fitting because for four gold coins, he can create minions that combine the characteristics of two undead. In addition, balances of four heroes have been deployed while armor levels (armor points available to heroes at the start of the game) have been reviewed. Of course also the reward line which has been updated : something to be encouraged to play because this is also an event moon party which has been available since Tuesday night to collect cosmetics for certain BG heroes.

In short, Blizzard isn’t bombastic with this Battlegrounds season 3. If the undead and double tribes were the update’s only major new features, their synergies and what they bring manages to bring a breath of fresh air despite the mission being omitted. Enough to put a little oil on the gas before February and the release of a new map for the base mode Hearthstone.

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