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The excellent exhibition presented at the Philharmonie de Paris around Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, (Afrobeat Rebellion) paves the way for an overview of this musical genre in its own right. Born in West Africa after the hi-life orchestras of the 50s and 60s, Afrobeat is now a global phenomenon. The past, present and future of music is like no other

VSgenerally on the phone AFROBATmusic developed by Fela with help from her friend drummer Tony Allen own coming a long way from the tumultuous sixties to early 2023. In 5 decades, another generation has taken over, developing the genre and style, blending naturally with the vibes of every age or other corner of this great continent that is Africa.

So what exactly is afrobeats? The big differences we will try to explain to you below and try to connect with Tony Allen, family kuti, Peter King, Antireply, The Smiths Brothers or other standard bearerse afro punch. Qwhatever that is “historic channel” Where ” His current afro”.

A long time ago…

Born in West Africa after the popular orchestra JuJu and from Plate WI music, from HI live Ghana & Nigeria from the 50s and 60s, but also jazz and funk imported from the North American continent, Afrobeat is currently the a a global phenomenon whose form sometimes also mutates with the times. big orchestrapolyrhythmic and most often yesterday’s copper, we hear today under the label AFROBAT artists who adhere to the codes electromodern pop, hip-hop or RnB.

While some boomers, who are often fond of jazz, have the opportunity to see some rare concerts Fela on French soil, today’s forties and fifties reinvented the genre in the 2000s. century, theythe success that grew from femi (boy older), the first reissue of his father’s gigantic discography and culture from Sample definitely has increased the global popularity and enthusiasm of Afrobeat. And today isyoung who does not swear by Wizkid, Rema, yemi salad, VS.Kay and others Burna Boys and find out that Made kuti has a grandfather named Fela. Young artist who also claims the term Afrobeat.

Fela kuti : spiritual father, rebel & funky

I don’t think I’m taking too much of a risk in saying that Afrobeats is Fela. He So quite logical this musician born in 1938 in Lagos, Nigeria and disappeared in 1997 which is at the centerowl visible exposureown Philharmonie from Paris until June 2023 which we invite you to view.

The saxophonist was trained at the prestigious London university, Fela kuti own theorize afro punch to practice it immediately after a sightseeing tour The United States was in full swing at the end of the sixties. become aware thundering revolutionown in the ranks of African Americans, politicians locked when they are not openly racist or corrupt, lies the state and some people are left behind, hereturn onis land nativeis with much more radical discourse than before.

Deposits from oil the region evokes avarice and despite its complex geopolitics andcan’t be debated, that is nigerian see their standard of living rise. Effect of windfall for cultural life a megalopolis like Lagos being with several other major capitals from the mainland, a city where the nightlife is in full swing and the music industry is thriving. A speech committed and rebellious sung by music that makes as much impression as possible her Yoruba roots just for the African-american vibes, have fun headand vsesYou everything of course that afro punch from Fela will be the soundtrack unofficial evening in Lagos. The local authorities tried to silence him (jail, closure of his clubvarious pressures) but the engine launched and its famous catchphrase with : Music Is A Weaponno (Music is a weapon).

Global vibes

Perhaps this aggressive posture is compounded by the powerful grooves of this great music (remind, the songsTo from Fela rarely less than 10 minutes) which own seduced several years after Black’s disappearance President A thread from the group through World. Musician who tookn.t on afrobeats in “classic” form. like everyone else does with reggae, soul, punk or cumbia.

Antireply and Kokolo in New York, Soul-Jazz Orchestra in Toronto, The brothers and sisters Smith own Paris, Shaolin Afronaut in Australia,Kokoroko in London…Et records and children’s showss from “boss” (femi, Sun &created kuti) p.sall in their own way carrying on that musical legacy pulled in all four directions planet. XXL brass section, bass guitar and funk, percussion oorganic and warm keyboard and hypnosis is an element thatlove all these musicians who are, with a little bit of originality use the same language as the founding fathers.

Kokoroko - 1

explosion beat afro

Is because of Nigeriahistorically blessed with a strong record industryBecomes in a few years the youngest and most populous country in Africa Burna Boy, Wizkid, Rema &VSoh squat over the seller / rivermake feature with Ed Heerun, jorja Smith, invited by Beyonce or other stars international pop, fill Bercy ArenaMadison Square Gardengiant stadium and ends excel in decor world pop ?

Burna Boy - 1

Rema - 1

Catch your breath because the numbers will take your breath away. is some productions music has only a few away cousins with the afrobeats of the elders, others have everythingthere logical order bet latest and moment vibration, to see dand from future. Shout out protest statements in the pidgin Nigeriaflexible and hypnotizing rhythms, marathon shows and concerts deep bass and of course, filled the dance floor like train line 13.

Whether or not we see any connection to yesterday’s Afrobeat, what is certain, however, is the influence this “sound” has on the production of the rest of the planet.

Condition Afrobeats summarizing today this is new artist waves Africa contemporaries, urban culture and connected to the world. One term that has become general and it sweep suddenly all accept ideas and shortened on music modern from Africa. Music who likes rock, rapwestern classical music or jazz can only be plural, of course.

Music is tea weapon shouted Fela 50 years agothe slogan is clear still relevant !

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