accusations of “cheating” that weighed on the atmosphere

STEFANO RELLANDINI, MARTIN BIRO, JOEL SAGET / AFP (COMBO) This composite file photo created on January 12, 2023 shows French Socialist Party (PS) member (LR) Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol on December 16, 2022 in Paris; Helene Geoffroy on January 5, 2023 in Paris; and Olivier Faure pose on June 8, 2016 in Paris. – The French Socialist Party votes to elect the party’s first secretary on January 23, 2023. Members will choose between outgoing leader Olivier Faure, and two other candidates, Helene Geoffroy and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. (Photo by AFP)


Three candidates for the post of first secretary. They are only two in the running: Olivier Faure (on the right) and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol (on the left). The atmosphere is tense considering the vote that must be decided between them on January 19. (Photo by AFP)

In elephant memory, we have “ never seen that “. This Wednesday, January 18, on the eve of the vote that must decide between Olivier Faure, outgoing first secretary and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, his opponent mayor of Rouen and imposter for the post, motion three invites himself into the dance. Patrick Mennucci, representative national Hélène Geoffroy, the candidate from “The Netherlands”, eliminated in the first round and now supports Mayer-Rossignol, wrote to the party’s number 2, Corinne Narassiguin, president of the National Commission for the organization of the 80th congress to be held in Marseilles from 27 to 29 January.

In this e-mail HuffPost obtained, we can read there that the representative of Hélène Geoffroy’s orientation text, ask her ” to modify the knowledge organization of the results of the federation by members of the organizing committee ”, of which Patrick Mennucci is a part, like the rest of the PS, a representative of every text of current orientation and direction.

Hours to find out the result

It was not known about the results of the first round of meetings that were held last Thursday, January 12, until the following day, Friday, January 13 evening, after a meeting of all parties took place. all day.

Last Thursday management member and representative Olivier Faure remained locked up for 5 hours, from 10pm to 3am on Friday, without representatives from other texts having open data access to results in real time and to minutes.federal “Complained the former deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône in his letter.

This is how Patrick Mennucci for Hélène Geoffroy and representatives of Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, David Assouline and Jean-Marc Germain, met ” stuck on the third floor from the head office in Ivry-sur-Seine, while management receives the results on the first floor. ” I’ve never seen that! “, a plague of Patrick Mennucci remembering the great hours of the 2008 Reims congress where representatives of Ségolène Royal and Martine Aubry were” all on the same computer “.” They were all in the lead out at the time.”correction Christophe Clergeau, close to Olivier Faure, who remembers being in the minority, at the 1994 Liévin congress ” and have no access to anything “.

Faure’s opponent “blocked on the third floor”

Election night must be held on conditions other than January 12 “, also claimed, by email, on the same day, to the same party’s number 2, David Assouline, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol’s orientation text representative. ” We ask that as in the past and in all Republican elections, the feedback of the results by the federation is done in broad daylight and not in the office to which we were denied access last week. “, regretted the senator from Paris who wanted to have one “free access to minutes that have never been shown to us “.” It’s about democracy and respect for minimum rules in democratic elections “.

The two camps now face each other without gloves: “They know they’re not at 50%, so they panic” portrays David Assouline, still offended at not being associated with this moment. ” We had knowledge of the scam from early evening. Assouline and Mennucci are bastards! They will shoot the computer, before all the lifts “, we confirmed at Faure. Atmosphere. Two regulars elaborated: “ If you’re tight, the point is saving time. No one is interested in bringing up everything at once “.” Always the one who announces the result first wins. “. Old congress technique.

“There is cheating”

From his oath to the press on Jan. 16, Olivier Faure said it was polite that his camp had ” let many situations pass “.” there is cheating “, then said one of his supporters in front of a handful of journalists. “ There are 1600 controversial voices that we should never let go “, pointed out January 18, this group of first secretaries who explained that they didn’t want to” waste another 48 hours reviewing everything and soiling the honor of the party “, while each party agreed on the final result. And to list cases like in Elbeuf where they sent bailiffs, in Hérault or Ariège where participation would be higher than usual, names were added at the last minute on the attendance list or even ” intimidation in the Mosel.

In Refondations, text by Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, we point the finger at Bouches-du-Rhône where participation will be very high,” twice as much as in Hérault “, La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis where the wrong address will be given to activists to go to vote or even the polls open at 8pm instead of 5pm.

Accusations that do not question the results but tarnish those who want to ” the most democratic in France “and or” dogs don’t choose “, we remind the current management, referring to the LR Congress in December 2021 to nominate its presidential candidate.

I’ve never seen that, except in Putin » Mennucci

At 3am you refuse to even give some tabulations “, still accused Patrick Mennucci in his email. “ We decided to open the discussion after we got the complete results “, defending Christophe Clergeau for whom” it always happens like this “.

The phone buzzes and emotions flare. Patrick Mennucci confirmed to HuffPost never seen that” apart from Putin » and lament « PS LFIization “. In the Olivier Faure camp, we denounced ” industrial cranes, finally advanced artisanal “, considering the state of the troops, which came from Mayer-Rossignol, when the most moderate saw it” litigation as in all elections, but a lot of pleasantries about nothing, while no one disputes the outcome “.

The stakes are therefore high given the vote on Thursday 19 January, which could be tight if the vote is moved from Hélène Geoffroy’s motion to Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol’s motion. Each camp is reinforcing the arrival of its local representative in a tense area that they don’t have.

In their letter, two of Olivier Faure’s opponents now claim ” free access to the room where computers that accept our federation results will be installed », in the words of Patrick Menucci and « free access to minutes that have never been shown to us », to David Assouline. ” That’s totally wrong, they have the PV! we choke Faure.

At the time of closing this channel, both mailers had not received a reply. ” We will answer them “, we promise in Ivry-sur-Seine, PS headquarters. If it’s tight, that would be really bad already predicted the challenger. “ It won’t be tight “, would like to believe the supporters of the first secretary who are showing confidence for their re-election. Still great PS hours that at least managed to leaf through his own death certificate.

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