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Ravioli Top: Steam Bars

At the head of this address? Chef Mr. Wong, master of all kinds of dim sum. At the Steam Bar, ravioli are available in a thousand flavors and colors. From the most traditional Hong Kong dumplings to the most creative taro and rhubarb ravioli, every bite is insane!

Steam Bars
2, rue du Sabot – 6

Top bao: Blue bao

Do you like these fluffy, rich little buns? The Bao family has everything you need to please you. Petit Bao, Gros Bao, Bao Express, and our favourite, Bleu Bao offer the best of the best in delicious stuffed brioches. Our favourite? Xiao long bao with truffles: steamed bites with hot broth inside, with free pork, truffle cream, chives and ginger… We’ll eat them for breakfast.

Blue Bao
8, rue Saint-Lazare – 9

Best dumplings: Délice de Condorcet

This is one of those secrets we like to keep to ourselves, but it’s impossible not to share the slap in the face represented by Délice de Condorcet, the little Chinese nugget we no longer make. The pork and prawn dumplings with spicy sauce are absolutely delicious. The name is not misleading.

Condorcet’s delight
10, rue Condorcet – 9

Top Noodle: Belt Noodle

You choose the width of your noodles, your broth, vegetarian or carnivorous, spicy or not. We love the Biang Biang noodles, the house specialty, the cheapest (8€) but the best they say. XXL bonded noodles, super wide for over-the-top deliciousness, simmering chili oil, garlic, cilantro, scallions, Chinese cabbage, all in a small, spiced broth that the house keeps a secret. Hot, we sip, flows down our throats, we melt.

Noodle Belt
69, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière – 9th

Top skewer: I’m here 不见不散

It is enough to observe hungry people throwing themselves into their plates through the window to salivate first. No doubt, here we taste turfu satay! Perfect for winter stops, regular gluttons and Sichuan specialties inspired by Chinese street food. Lamb, beef and gizzard skewers, lotus root, enoki… you name it.

I’m here 不见不散
115, rue Saint-Maur – 11th

Pepper top: Three times as much pepper

Sensitive taste buds, stay away from this address, because as the name suggests, here the pepper takes the spotlight. Modern setting with pretty wooden countertops and ceramic cups… And when it comes to chilies, the more fearful can always opt for Szechuan ravioli with their melted and stretchy homemade batter, most of the chilies are bearable.

Three times as much chili
9 rue Rodier – 9th
184, rue Saint-Martin – 3rd
58, rue des Mathurins – 8th

Best broth: TaoKan

Legend has it that TaoKan was one of the first Chinese restaurants in Paris. It hasn’t lost its credentials and still has a spot in the top like this. On the menu, delicious classics with a little twist. We love the spicy Peking soup with tofu, bamboo, black fungus and chicken.

8, rue du Sabot – 6th

Best tea: Yam’Tcha

Here everything is just serenity, excitement and fun. Everything is done to make you want to stay, from the comfortable furniture to the delicious dishes and accompanying tea. And speaking of teas: here, Chi Wah Chan serves us a myriad of hot Chinese drinks, perfect for dealing with the freezing cold. Green tea “Mist Cloud”, Oolong “Four Seasons”, tea “Red like honey”, green jasmine tea… you are spoiled for choice.

121, rue Saint-Honoré – 1st

Best Mapo Tofu: Dicoeur

In this magnificent black and gold décor in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, all traditional Chinese cuisine is sublimated. Beautiful but not stuffy! The ideal place to taste mapo tofu, a Szechuan specialty, very tender and deliciously spicy.

45, rue du Faubourg Montmartre 45 – 9th

Best Peking Duck: Shang Palace

The Shangri La Hotel restaurant, Shang Palace is not the kind of Asian restaurant we are used to seeing. And for good reason, its chef, Frank Xu, received a star in the Michelin guide. So hey, it’s true that on a budget, we’re far from a small boui-boui neighborhood, but if you’re looking to have some fun, you’ve come to the right place. So we put the small plates on top of the big ones and we have some delicious Peking duck to share: a true princely dinner!

Shanghai Palace
10, avenue d’Iena – 16th

The best Cantonese rice: Panda Panda

Think somewhat classic Chinese recipes: steamed dumplings, beef noodles, Cantonese rice… now think of all that, but a thousand times better, in a cool setting and with attentive waiters. You have Panda Panda, a future marvelous boui-boui who has conquered many Parisian mouths.

21, rue Juliette Dodu – 10

Hotpot top (Chinese fondue): AUCIEL

AUCIEL, another great Chinese canteen where to order the signature dish: Chinese fondue! It’s simple: tick the foods you want to dip into the big pot of broth (options plain, salty, chili, lamb, fermented cabbage) and enjoy because it’s all you can eat!

97, rue de Charonne – 11th

Top of liang pi: Tavern of Zhao

The smaller, the better, the saying goes, right? After all, it’s so small in Zhao’s that it gets crowded, but when you sample a plate of their lian pi (large flat noodles), you really want to jostle with your neighbors. A few pieces of seitan with a nice sesame cream, and you’re done.

Zhao shop
49, rue des Vinaigriers – 10

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