Who is Emma Peters? Five incredible anecdotes about singers nominated for the 2023 Victoires de la Musique

Emma Peters, as revealed by her cover which went viral on YouTube, released her first album “Dimanche”. She was nominated for the Victoires de la Musique on 10 February 2023 in the Women’s Apocalypse category. Discover five incredible anecdotes about the singer from Picardy.

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Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

Album released in March 2022 and nominated for music win…Singer Emma Peters Lives”a daydream“.”I found myself a little Emperor music. mom and dad are proud !“, commented the person who will probably be the female Revelation of the year on February 10, 2023.

It’s still class, phewpraised the 26-year-old singer. It’s like validation. I feel like maybe I made the right choice and I’m in the right place and it feels good.

Remember the name. Emma Peters, for saying “Péters” in Flemish style (“I care about that !“, he insisted), had a poetic writing and soft voice with his own grain and style. Influenced by the planet of rap, he did not hesitate to write “as we speak“, using the words he says every day, including “ball“,”butt” Where “Release my self” in love text.

Why do I use swear words ? You wouldn’t ask a man that questionhe was annoyed. Yes, right “ little blonde with a guitar that says donkey ” and I assume.

Waiting for the verdict from music win February 10, 2023, find five anecdotes about the singer.

1 – He found himself pushed into the world’s top 10 Spotify

It all started YouTube. Extremely shy, Emma Peters, who started playing classical guitar at the age of seven, was persuaded by her mother and sister Marie-Lou to film herself and post her videos on the Internet. I’m a rap fanartist clear, so I started by posting rap covers YouTube.”

I’m stacking shoeboxes, he remembers, and i put my phone on it. TodayI always do covers, except I bought a tripod! And for the record, it’s still Marie-Lou who has the code for my channel…

For three years, he published one title per week. Confidentialcover of the song by Lartiste, remixed by FILV & Edmofo, two Russian DJs and it’s a blast. Title exceeds 100 million streams and Emma Peters finds herself in the world’s top 10 Spotify.

I am very proud of this first coverhe smiled. I sang it today on stage.”

Her meeting with producer Philippe Ascoli, who runs the Local label Musique, pushed Emma Peters out of her bedroom, on the trail of great artist. “I never dared to write my own songsshe says. Philippe gave me confidence by advising me to be myself in my texts. And here I am a songwriter !

His first title was the subject of an EP whose success was undeniable. Emma Peters will be performing time elapsed in sets music win. Just for you, he sings this title live on Bosses on stage.

video duration: 03 minutes 22

Emma Peters performing her song “Le temps passe” live at “Les Hauts en scènes”.


2 – He released his first album, Sunday

On Sundayhe explained, it was my social media talking day. Every Sunday, I post covers. And then I created a folder Saturday night on my computer, where I put all my models.”

“Actually already done my lucky dayI even got a tattoo on my left arm ! It makes sense that it’s the title of my first album.

On the cover of the disc, Emma Peters poses with her brother and sister. “I am the eldest of four siblingsshe says. We love each other very much and we are embraced by the love of our parents, who are still together and raised us in kindness.

My parents’ ranch, which we see on the cover, is kinda “ safe place “. For me, it was natural to shoot there, in Ducy, a small village in the Oise between Crépy-en-Valois and Senlis, rather than in a cleaned-up studio in Paris..”

3 – He is in charge of casting Deal done

Before starting a professional artistic career, Emma Peters collected two masters. “After baccalaureate EShe signed up, I lead from the front marketing and communication studies. I also spent a year in London.”

After completing an internship at Warner Bros.he was hired as a casting officer for the show Deal done and auditioned people presenting their object. “I left it all on a whim, maybe a bit fast because nothing was actually signed ! I thought I scared my parents but in the end, I did well.”

4 – He absolutely adores Véronique Sanson

She has an entire wall covered with Véronique Sanson records, and even a painting of her in her music room. “Previously, it was in my kitchen, but since I changed apartments, I installed it in an honorable place.”

This passion came from his mother, who played Véronique Sanson’s pieces on the piano. “We listened to all the albums in the car, recalls Emma Peters. As a teenager I was sick of it, but when I arrived in Paris I told myself it was so amazing…

The singer was also invited to take over the title Funny lifein front of Véronique Sanson, as part of the programme That W9 d’or 2022: who is n ° 1 this year ?

5 – Singer Ben Mazué made his first part leather goods

Emma Peters not only has the opportunity to open Ben Mazué, the best tour category of the Victoire de la musique 2022, on ten of her dates… But other than that, Ben Mazué himself opened for Emma Peters to Leather goods in Paris !

This is crazy stuff. We have saved a surprise for the public. Hidden behind the curtain, I threw him like a boy who wasn’t quite used to it, because he was more qualified. Peak. people are shocked !“, exclaimed the singer, still hesitating.

Mainly because it was Ben Mazué who had the idea, having contacted him to entrust the title he had written, but no longer wished to appear. “It was a breakup song, and he had a lot in stock! So he thought of me singing it ! It’s a crazy story.

Emma Peters only needed to keep the theme on the piano, add a guitar, and the model was validated by Ben Mazué. And jump, here it is See you again featured on the album Sunday.

Emma Peters will be in concert this Friday, January 20, 2023 at Metaphone de Oignies, with Lille’s Oaio in the first part. To find out if she will win the Victoire de la musique in the Female Revelation category, against Mentissa and November Ultra, visit France 2 and French Inter on February 10, 2023 at 9 p.m.

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