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Justin Hurwitz finds Damien Chazelle after “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench” (2009), “Whiplash” (2014), “La La Land” (2017) and “First Man” (2018) with jazz percussion to portray the hedonistic Hollywood vibe of Roaring Twenties, maintaining a continuous rhythm, punctuated by saxophone, including covers (“Singin’ in the Rain”) and some original songs (“My Girl’s Pussy”, “I Want a Man”). The rhythmic dimension of the score contributes to the cacophony of the picture.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

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Augustine Viard, a French musician specializing in ondes Martenot, signed the melody arranged by Warren Ellis to Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s fantastic tale in which a little girl, Mia, is locked up in a secluded house with a man whose motives are unknown. Sound texture created in Cristal Baschet by Nicolas Becker. Heavy silence dominates in this strange film, the music then extends with small touches to the sensory dimension of the story.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Matthew Lamboley meets Yann Samuell who previously called Cyrille Aufort (L’Age de raison, Sauver Lisa) in this historical drama set at the start of the First World War, in a village in Picardy. The score calls for gypsy jazz pieces, with banjos and guitars. It plays with the context of the soldier, expanding and shadowing the sound for glorious emphasis, or pausing to make way for the sounds of bullets and shell casings.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Andrea Koch signed the music for the Spanish play by Carla Simón.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)


Alexandre Saada met Baya Kasmi with oriental music and songs. We hear the existing title by Bachar Mar-Khalifé.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Yoshiaki Fujisawa signed the music for the Japanese animated film by Atsuko Ishizuka, which he rediscovered after “No Game No Life: Zero” (Nôgêmu nôraifu: Zero, 2017).

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Alex Aledji signed the music for Sylvie Gautier’s first film.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Mathias Duplessy signed the score for Cécile Allegra’s documentary about an outcast who comes out of the silence of a village in Aveyron thanks to song.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Lou Ismail signed music for the play Ronan De Suin.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)

Percussionist Aidje Tafial signed the music for Lysa Heurtier’s documentary, Manzanares.

(At the cinema on 01-18-2023)


Richard Phillip Smith signed on for Kit Zauhar’s first film on a careful, almost ineffable note because it is a realistic (almost documentary-shaped) chronicle of a young woman’s late university years (embodied by the director himself, for a sort of self-fiction) between her intimate exchanges about sexuality, her throwbacks with men, and parties where the music fully asserts itself in the picture.

Exclusive at MUBI (18-01-2023)

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Alexandre Fortuit signed the music for the detective series by Clélia Constantine & Clothilde Jamin.

Season 5 in TF1 (19-01-2023)

Pierre-Antoine Durand signed the music for the Clémence Azincourt series directed by Alice Vial.

10 episodes on OCS (as of 19-01-2023)

Gabriel Prokofiev signed the music for the British spy mini-series by Jim Field Smith & George Kay. The score is divided between a luminous piano and a more dissonant voice, the percussion, electronic distortion, enigmatic and throbbing strings that contribute to the tense atmosphere of the spy film.

4 episodes on M6 (on 01-19-2023)

[BO disponible]

John Paesano signed the music for this series by Nichelle Tramble Spellman.

Season 3 on Apple TV+ (01-20-2023)

Neal Acree signed the music for the animated series Jennifer Muro.

Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video (20-01-2023)

David Fleming and Hans Zimmer signed the music for the first Xavier Dolan series. The musical tandem reunites after “An American Ode” (Ron Howard, 2020) and “Unforgivable” (Nora Fingscheidt, 2021).

5 episodes on Canal+ Series (on 01-23-2023)

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