The business school where you eat the best

Does the campus allow students to eat well to replenish calories, protein and vitamins?

It’s true, you don’t choose a business school based on the gastronomic menu or diet menu it offers. But candidates may want to know if they should bring Tupperware to campus, or if they can eat onsite in good condition. Where do we eat best? After presenting the best business schools where to play the sport, the editorial staff of Le Figaro Étudiant researched their catering policy. You will find a summary table at the end of the article.

Up to 347 euros per month for food

According to the Federation of General Student Associations (Fage), catering budgets account for more than a quarter of the average student’s monthly budget, or 347 euros from 1,342 euros each month. Fees that are sometimes exorbitant for students, are often in debt to pay for their tuition fees. Being able to rely on an effective “catering” policy in their school allows them to stay focused on what matters: studying. This explains why 40 campuses (of the 64 listed in the “On-campus catering” table) have cafeterias, and 12 campuses specify that they are “with hot dishes” cafeterias.

HEC offers a restaurant with a capacity of 650 seats

Some schools put a small plate on a large plate. So EM Lyon, undoubtedly the most complete in terms of catering (Lyon’s gastronomic obligation), has a cafeteria, a connected Picard snack bar, a connected fridge, a fresh pizza oven distributor… HEC offers a 650 seat restaurant, three cafeterias , a bar, and three food trucks. As for the ESCP, it is distinguished by the diversity of its offerings and the simplicity of its pricing (hot meals from €1 to €7).

18 campuses benefit from food trucks

A rare few schools do not detail their catering offerings (Audencia Paris, ESCE in Lyon) or do not offer their students anything special for that matter, such as BSB Lyon, or EM’s Grenoble campus in Paris. But most campuses have at least one catering facility for their students: thus, 18 campuses offer permanent or occasional food truck services (BSB in Dijon, PSB Paris, TBS in Toulouse, Montpelier BS, Kedge in Bordeaux and Marseille…), and 19 offers one or more vending machines. More “trendy”, five campuses have connected fridges: EM Lyon (Melchior fridge), Montpellier BS, PSB, Rennes SoB (IdealGarden fridge with appetizers, mains and desserts), and South Champagne BS in Troyes . And 12 allows access to the microwave oven.

Edhec has opened a real restaurant that is open to the public

Some schools go further than just supporting their students: they have the great idea of ​​using a catering theme to strengthen their CSR (social and environmental responsibility) policies. So the food offered by the ESC Clermont cafeteria is short-circuit-sourced, whereas at Istec the cafeteria offers “homemade” dishes cooked on the premises. Other schools even use catering for educational purposes: at Essec, fast food service is provided by the student association and, at EBS Paris, two student-entrepreneurs from the school have created a school Food Truck, “Les Romains”. Even stronger? Yes, it is possible, with Edhec Nice, which even opened a “normal” restaurant on its premises in 2013, open to everyone, brasserie Le 393, with a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor.

Business school catering services table

Below is a “catering services” table for 64 business school campuses that we generated from questionnaires sent to schools, and information available on their website.

To read the table all the way to the right: use the navigation bar at the bottom of the table.

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