The 20th century prevails, ancient art refuses

Brussels. La Brafa has always advocated eclecticism. This is undeniable and, despite the overwhelming presence of 20th century art, the some forty galleries here represent ancient art. While some specialize in a particular area, such as silversmithing, ceramics, sculpture or old painting, many disciplines mix. From booth to booth, visitors will find, at De Jonckheere (Geneva), a Temptation of Saint Anthony signed Pieter Huys (1519-1584), one of the successors of Hieronymus Bosch (about €300,000); in the Brussels Desmet gallery, a The stallion is running, in bronze, attributed to Barthélémy Prieur, c. 1600, (€75,000); enthroned in the stands Franck Anelli, one of the new exhibitors, who recently opened a gallery at Crépy-en-Valois (Oise), a rare half-moon chest of drawers, Louis XVI period, by Charles Topino, (over €100,000); in Giammarco Cappuzzo (London), a Ecce Homo by Sebastiano del Piombo – gift of oil to Pope Clement VII in 1553. While a Portrait ofwoman, circa 1695, by Nicolas de Largillière, to be included in the artist’s raisonné catalog and presented by the newcomer Nicolas Lenté (Paris). Bernard De Leye (Brussels), for his part, introduces a silver cooler, Vienna, 1782, by the goldsmith Ignaz Joseph Würth, from a service made to Albert of Saxe-Teschen (Governor General of the Netherlands).

The modern and contemporary art section offers many works: Vlaminck at the London Willow gallery (Village near the river, 1911-1912), which came from dealer Ambroise Vollard and will be included in the artist raisonné digital catalog (€275,000); oil on canvas by Victor Vasarely (Vega-Zett-21971), from the Denise René Gallery, in Simon Studer (Geneva); Migratory birds perched on rocks in the middle of the ocean, a large bronze by Miró which was acquired by French cinema star Aimé Maeght, at the Paris A&R Fleury gallery (between €400,000 and 500,000). The Stern-Pissarro Gallery (London) presents several works by Yayoi Kusama [voir ill.] as good Villefranche-sur-Mer Bay1899, a painting by Renoir which the Durand-Ruel gallery acquired from the painter in 1902. As for the artist François Avril, he unveiled his last ten paintings, printed with poetry, at the Huberty & Breyne gallery (Paris, priced between €8,000 and €15,000 ).

Two solo performances for Alechinsky

For Belgian art collectors, Brafa is a place that lists the best brands in the country. Among other things, Oscar De Vos focuses on the Laethem-Saint-Martin school (the village where the gallery is located) and its special performances Hydrangeas by Lys, 1898, by Emile Claus. Philippe Seghers (Ostend), he presented Sea shellscirca 1905, by James Ensor (€625,000), a favorite subject of the artist who would fascinate him throughout his life – his parents and maternal grandparents were shell traders in Ostend.

Note, two solo performances were devoted to Belgian Pierre Alechinsky. Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke (Brussels) has collected works by 12 artists while Samuel Vanhoegaerden (Knokke-le-Zoute) has prepared an exhibition, “the most important in Belgium for a long time”. Among the works that were hung were Lap partye, 1981, from the series “Marginal speech” (€600,000).

Art Nouveau – the theme chosen for this edition – was available in several booths: Thomas Deprez Fine Arts (Brussels) presents a set consisting of two chairs and a stool, by Victor Horta, delivered to the Wolfers Frères shop in Brussels around 1910 (about € 20,000). At Lennart Booij Fine Art and Rare Items (Amsterdam), it is a ceramic vase by Émile Gallé, circa 1889, fired with Japanese glaze and embellished with enamel and gold decorations – and possibly exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 – that is highlighted. Epoque Fine Jewels (Kortrijk, Belgium), specializing in antique jewellery, feature brooch Fairycirca 1897-1898, in enamel and gold, signed René Lalique, while Florian Kolhammer (Vienne) brings the Clock, circa 1907, in wood, brass and glass, by Gustave Serrurier-Bovy, whose work was heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement .

Finally, let’s show some reinforcement on the design front with the arrival of three new galleries. In addition to the Dutch Van den Bruinhorst gallery, visitors can find the New Hope Gallery (Brussels), which highlights some of the works by American designer George Nakashima (1905-1990), whose wood, sometimes reclaimed, was a favorite material: row Conoid Room Divider, 1984, offered at a price of 145,000 euros. Another new design gallery, Parisian this time, belongs to Pascal Cuisinier, who has been promoting French designs from the 1950s for fifteen years. CM193, in lacquered wood and metal, 1958 (€25,000). Of this table, which was lent during an exhibition dedicated to the artist at the Center Pompidou in 2016, only five copies have been identified on the market over the last twenty years.

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