Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022, round of 15: top four

News show Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022, round of 15: top four

As part of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022, the JV invites you to discover, every Wednesday, a summary of the best moments on the last day of the tournament, as well as the program for the following week.

Day 15 – Results

Even playing first at a qualified level, which we have known since last week, last day of the Return Championship not without twists and turns. Despite the undeniable victory by MOZ outside fight wild explosion Score 0 to 40, the multinational team is able to defend itself to make its players shine in the competition in the last stand mode.

The other house this week is also a farewell to Gaming reasons. For their last appearance in a European tournament, another British team faced off 00Nation. Nordiques who won away with the maximum score, 0 to 40.

Meeting 1 Wild Blast 0 MOZ 40
Battle 1 Vegapatch 0 The4philzz 10
Battle 2 jimmy 0 Brosky 10
Battle 3 Mother 0 ProblemX 20
Meeting 2 GAME REASON 0 00NATION 40
Battle 1 OneStepLayered 0 DrGoodLag 10
Battle 2 SoundBoi 0 Phenomenon 10
Battle 3 Shiv 0 Rikemansbarnet 20

Day 15 – Highlights

In addition to the appearance of the players that we saw during the competition, such as jimmy from Wild Blast, for the fifth time only and DrGoodLag who recorded his second participation under the 00Nation banner since the start of the championship, we can admire the high level provided by the top of the basket: a ProblemX (MOUZ) who turned Alex over, totally mismatched and sprayed Cammy Mother (Wild Blast) with impressive damage, which makes it the first highlight of the week.

Talk about DrGoodLag, we’re bound to see a bit in fifteen weeks, but if so, it shows. For her second behind-the-scenes appearance, the Finn did sign “Laura Perfect” against Karin of OneStepLayered (Game Reason). The masterclass that we of course offer you is another of the best moments of this 15th and final day of the follow-up matches and the championship phase.

Day 16: semifinals!

There are no more home and away matches, at least during this week’s 16th competition. Indeed, the four best teams of the tournament faced each other in one elimination semifinal. Only the scores have changed since the last time, the general classification remains the same.

So, first we will find n°1 BMS for the final game against their tricolor compatriots GO. In the last meeting between the two teams, Mister Crimson’s players had won home and away, but Luffy, Valmaster and the others had yet to say their last word and would try everything without any surprises.

For the second semifinal, n°2, MOZ would logically face the Vikings from 00Nation. Nothing was decided beforehand for ProblemX and his team not having to give up anything vis-à-vis Veggey, Phenom and the rest, who also won away from home during their first meeting. If England seek revenge in the second leg too, they will have to give everything to secure a place in the final… as will their Nordic opponents of course. Expected explosive atmosphere, therefore.

BMS 285 points.
MOZ 275 points.
00 NATION 255 points.
GO 210 points.
Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022, round of 15: top four

See you on January 23 from 8pm on the channel below to catch up on this last chapter before the grand final of the European tournament.

  • Capcom France – YouTube
  • MGG_FR – Twitch
  • MGG (TV)

What is SFL Pro Europe?

Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022, round of 15: top four

The first edition of the 100% European zone tournament is based on a meet by system a team of 4 players (“4v4”) GO then RETURN in “home-away” mode. Six teams from all countries of the continent compete in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition to win the title European championalong with qualification for the World Championship, a prize pool of €60,000 for the winner, and €15,000 for the final team.

The winning team will face the champion of US Pro League and some Japan Pro League When Capcom Cup.

Each encounter between two teams takes place in 3 fights (“games”) :

  • 2 fights in 3 “best of 3” 1v1 matches, each of which gives 10 points to the team that wins two matches.
  • 1 fight in 5 “best of 5” 1v1 matches which awards 20 points to the team that wins three matches.
  • The team with the most points at the end of 3 fights win the game.
  • In case of a tie, “Extra Combat” in 1 match 1v1 gives the winner 5 points to decide between the two teams.

Total points determine ranking of 6 teams as the competition progresses, until final phase (“playoffs”). The European champion team will be crowned on the final day of the final, the 17th and final week of the competition.

Find detailed results and detailed team lineups on the official website of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022.

All competitions on the website STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022

Webedia, which publishes the JV and MGG sites, is a partner of SFL: PRO-EUROPE 2022

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