Smartphone: here’s how to tell if your phone is being spied on

Phone hacking is a real thing. Some bad people with the aim of stealing your bank details or for unknown reasons, can insert lines of code into certain applications that you use. So they can easily monitor all your activities on your phone. Here’s what you need to know.

The telephone has become our best ally. They accompany us in all our daily tasks. While shopping, at sports, at work, at school, in the car, on the toilet, on public transport, etc. The telephone integrates even our most intimate activities. Especially by including it in the digital concept that sociologists do Dominique Bouillier define it as a toolspread”. Dominique Bouillier combines “perverted and disturbing” to reveal that today’s mobile phones occupy a very intimate space for their users. Therefore, this personal space may not be violated under any circumstances without the user’s consent. Realizing this fact, bad people use apps installed by phone users to violate their privacy. Have you noticed that your phone is no longer working the way it used to and you feel that an unknown person is handling it for you? Here’s what you need to know about phone spying so you don’t fall victim to it again.

Focus on the causes of spying on the phone

Several causes result from phone spying. Generally calls from country people spied on to find compromising information to tarnish this person’s image. Besides this category of people, you have a second category of people. Those suspected of committing a crime. The phone was spied on during the investigation, with the intention of finding possible evidence that could convict him. Finally comes the third category of people who are ordinary citizens who have never committed any crime. They are also not state figures. Phone these people can spied on by a hacker to steal personal data (account codes, sensitive files, ID and bank codes, etc.). To achieve this, he or she can hack or enter a line of code into the app installed on the person’s phone. Then, he can control the person’s cell phone through this app.

How does unauthorized phone intrusion happen?

There is a simple and effective technique that allows a certain bad guy to invite himself to your phone without your consent. Among these techniques, some require no technical knowledge.

1. Intrusion via download links

Some sites provide very dubious download links. This link contains a virus that will take over your phone through viruses or other malware.

2. Number transfer

This technique does not require any technical skills. Scammers will only tweak to transfer your number to their phone. This is called “Sim Exchange”. When the conman succeeds to send someone’s number to their own number, he will be able to spy on all the conversations of this person. He can even break into that person’s phone to retrieve certain information.

3. Phishing or phishing techniques

This technique is widely used. If you receive a message from an unknown number indicating that you have a package to be sent to you, to do this, you must click on the link to confirm your order, when you have not validated any basket or you have not asked at all. , it is indeed a phishing technique. Or, you receive an email extolling the positive criteria of a product, then in this email, the recipient mentions that amazingly, you benefit from a 70% reduction (or some other, fancier offer) if you click on the link to purchase the product. When you click on the link, your phone will be infected with a virus. This virus allows fraudsters to gain access to your phone. deception Therefore, these are regular messages, often even containing huge brand names to encourage you to click on deceptive links.

4. Spyware

Known as Spyware, it can be used by people without technical knowledge. The goal is to break into someone’s phone to spy on them. This spyware is known to be very effective when it comes to spying. Because it allows scammers to manipulate your phone as they please.

5. Phone intrusion via network or charging station

On the bus, on the train, on the plane, as a man, some WiFi access is free and for some unknown reason. As a result, These free network dots aim to infiltrate your phone and steal your sensitive data.

How do you know if your phone is being spied on?

Some of the applications available on the phone are pre-installed before they go on sale. They may contain spyware. Here’s why you should check the credibility of this app when you buy a new phone. So how do you know if your phone is being spied on?

1. Unusual and excessive battery discharge

When your phone is infected with a dangerous virus, it keeps working even when your phone is turned off and locked. This virus will search all neuralgic data. Which can empty the battery in a short time and even charge it, it can quickly run out again.

2. Repeated appearance of adware or pop-ups

you will see unusual activity on your phone. He pop-ups or notifications that keeps interrupting your activities while using your phone. This notification may appear as message, e-mail. This fact means that your phone is being spied on by bad people.

3. Installing Apps Without Permission

You noticed that on your phone, some apps are installed without your consent. You don’t know the identity of the person who has access to your phone and who has installed this application. Besides, they don’t inspire you with any credibility. This is proof that your phone has been hacked by fraudsters who want to take all your personal data.

4. Up-to-date mobile phones with limited capabilities

You just bought a phone with browsing potential and storage capabilities. But, suddenly, you find your phone limited despite its good performance. It becomes slow, paddles a lot, stalls for a while and without intervention it resumes itself. Also, even some features become unusable or very slow to load. These symptoms clearly indicate that your phone is being spied on by hackers.

5. Mobile data used more than it should be?

You may receive a notification or pop-up from your mobile provider showing the number mobile data consumed. After observation, you find that you are not the source of this high mobile data demand. So this is the result of a hack to spy on your phone

6. Sign in to your account

You receive a notification revealing that someone is trying to log into your account. But it’s not you nor the people you communicate with those codes. There are chances that your phone is being spied on by fraudsters who are trying to steal your private data.

7. Instability of the application on the phone

You launch an app, find it refuses to open for a while, then finally opens. Then it will disconnect and exit. It will open again by itself, and will log out. It will go on like this until you find a solution. Turn off the phone, lock it for a moment, before launching the same app again. This action does indicate that your phone is being manipulated by someone other than you. Because of that you are being spied on.

What to do when you have a spy phone?

There are movements and techniques simple and effective that pcan help you so that you are no longer spied on.

  1. Disable your mobile data as much as possible and Wireless when you don’t use it
  2. If you believe you’ve been hacked, notify your contact
  3. Use vpn when you want to connect to a public network
  4. Change all your passwords very fast. And do it every week
  5. Remove all unwanted apps
  6. Use an antivirus intended for smartphones
  7. Restore your phone to factory mode.

This is how your phone is spied on. You have a solution to stop being spied on.

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