replied the hospital director

Eric Ciotti’s mother has been hospitalized since 2004 at a nursing service provided for short-term care in the interior of the Alpes-Maritimes. The director of the Vésubie hospital, where he lives, determines the conditions for this long-term admission.

This is an article by Mediapart that was denounced by Republican president Eric Ciotti. Tuesday, January 17, he considered the information he disclosed to be “inappropriate”.

In an article published on Jan. 16, the newspaper looked back at caring for her paralyzed mother after a stroke.

The newspaper claims that the mother of the deputy Alpes-Maritimes occupies for more than 18 years a place in a hospital in the Vésubie valley “but reserved for short-term care”. In this department,”care is fully provided by Jamsostek“(not including hospital package), which allows the Ciottis to save money”over 526,000 euros” according to Mediapart (article provided to subscribers).

It’s not me who organizes his hospitalization, but the doctor decides the situation. We went to dig up my paralyzed mother’s medical records. That policy reaches these gutter levels, that it is said that my mother cannot be entitled to certain treatment in the circumstances that she is in, is abhorrent. I believe that we have reached a despicable height.

Eric Ciotti on BFM TV this Tuesday.

One of our team went to the Jean-Chanton hospital center in Roquebillière on Tuesday.

The Center Hospitalier Intercommunal de la Vésubie (Centre Jean Chanton) is part of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT) of Alpes-Maritimes whose supporting establishment is the University Hospital of Nice. As stated on the site, it isThe center has 8 medical beds on site, 19 follow-up care and rehabilitation (SRR) beds, including 2 identified palliative care beds.

Establishments qualify for departmental social assistance, personalized autonomy benefits, and housing allowances.

Vésubie hospital director Philippe Maddalena did not want to go into details on the file and spoke of “state of health of a person in Aftercare and Rehabilitation -SSR.”

“Depending on the pathology of a particular person, they can stay in the SSR service for several years. This is the case for other patients in the establishment”he told Nathalie Layani and Christophe Napoli of France 3 Côte d’Azur.

As for whether the other patients also stayed at his service for a long time, more than 15 years? : “There may be patients who fall under this treatment. There were some in the past, maybe there are new ones. We already have patient in this case who stayed for a number of years.”

Why aren’t these people transferred to long-term care?

Philippe Maddalena : “That’s because their pathology allows us to keep them in the SSR. In the long-term care unit, these are people who have other pathologies and need other kinds of care. It’s not necessarily a logical continuation of going to this structure.”

“It’s a medical choice, made by the team based on pathological verification of the person deciding to stay in SSR for a very long time or not. We don’t have a long term care unit (USLD) in the valley.”

USLD (long term care unit) is a living and caring facility for people whose condition requires constant medical supervision.

Do you need a derogation to stay on SRR?

Philip Maddalena: “in this case, the stay is medically justified, without a reduction request.”

Costs differ between stays at SSR and USLD…

“Yes, these are separate treatments, but again, related to the pathology of the person. We don’t put a person in one department or another depending on the place or lack of space… Or subjective criteria. It’s related to medically justified treatment. And which I don’t need to know or explain, due to medical confidentiality.

Did the Ciotti family ask for your support in the SSR?

“Absolutely not. No pressure whatsoever is put on the establishment to be hospitalized or retain someone in such and such service. Everything is done according to the patient’s health condition. This treatment is absolutely not special, specific or derogatory or anything.”

Do people need to be in SSR today but can’t because of a lack of space?

“No, not at all. We have 19 beds in SSR, they are occupied, sometimes they are not. At the moment, we should have 2 or 3 beds. This varies daily depending on reception. No one replaces anyone, if staying is justified and the person is to be kept in the SSR, they don’t replace anyone. We can have the same reasons for other people who have also stayed for a few years, saying to themselves: they stayed too long and have nothing to do here.

But not. Again, this pathology makes it possible to keep the patient in the department for several years. And I think that’s great, because it suits the person.”

According to Mediapart, a transfer will be offered to the family for a long stay in Nice. He will refuse.

“I don’t know. I have nothing to say about that.”

In this SSR follow-up care service, care is fully provided by Jamsostek (excluding hospital packages), which allows the Ciottis to save money. “over 526 000 euros” according to Mediapart.

Do you have to justify maintenance on the SSR with CPAM out of pocket?

Philip Maddalena: “conditions of stay are known to the authorities and Jamsostek. So everyone knows the terms. If there is a check, I do not know. I don’t have any feedback.”

On the BFM broadcast this Tuesday morning, Eric Ciotti announced that he “shall condemn all attacks to be made on this subject.”

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