our calculator to simulate your retirement age before and after reform

One of the main steps of the pension reform project defended by the government is to push back from 62 to 64 the legal age of departure. However, other parameters will be changed, such as accelerating the transition to 43 years of contributions to get full retirement, as well as adjustments according to certain situations (long career, disability, etc.).

How will this reform affect you? Depending on the year you were born and your family and professional situation, the calculator below will allow you to estimate at what age you can retire.

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This tool is only a simulator intended to show the outline of reforms, based on the information provided by the text presented on 10 January, as well as the current regulations. Some measures will likely change before the law is passed. In addition, certain situations may not be taken into account, such as people who have had careers between the public service and the private sector, or liberals, merchants, and artisans who contribute to certain pension funds.

Postgraduate studies and internships

Difficulties, disabilities and disabilities

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