Olivier Véran hopes that “these popular expressions won’t get in the way”

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12:30 p.m : #directAN @auroreberge #Renaissance group leader @AJParlement: “I will be the guarantor that these reforms are fair. We will improve it further. But no voice was lost for this important reform. “. #pension

12:30 p.m : Aurore Bergé in front of AJP: “No renaissance vote will miss voting day” on pension reform. @AJParliament https://t.co/Zo6y3iBMp1

12:44 p.m. : With regard to some of the disagreements that exist in the majority about the pension reform that we discussed earlier, Aurore Bergé assures journalists of the parliamentary press that there is no voice from the Renaissance group of which she is president “will miss”.

12:20 p.m. : Hello @ Peel off, with pleasure ! The government will seize this article of the Constitution that allows it to accelerate parliamentary debate to vote for pension reform. Concretely, the National Assembly has 20 days to vet the text, the Senate 15. If Parliament has not decided within 50 days, the government can legislate with ordinances. I invite you to read the article I wrote on this subject.

12:18 p.m. : Hello France info, can you tell me about article 47.1, the sister of 49.3? thank you

12:19 p.m. : Release publish draft now Amendments to social security funding for 2023 (PLFRSS), which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on January 23 and is currently being examined by the State Council.

If the text contains all the elements presented next week by Elisabeth Borne, it makes no mention of the plight of current pensioners on a minimum pension of 85% of minimum wage.

Based on Release, “the executive must send a letter of amendment to the State Council to integrate this measure announced by Elisabeth Borne last week, and is required by the right to vote on the bill”.

12:18 p.m. : CGT’s threat to cut off electricity to several elected officials is “not acceptable” , believes Olivier Véran. For a government spokesperson, “Anything that is under pressure, threats, insults, whether on social networks or in real life, or even targeted actions aimed at the integrity of the mandated functioning of parliament is unacceptable in a democracy and a Republic and we condemn it”.

12:02 : It’s noon, we record the news:

“Welcome that French question and debate” pension reform project, according to Olivier Véran. However, government spokesmen hope so “This popular saying will not turn into a blockade”. Follow our live.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky deplored a “terrible tragedy” after the death of 18 people, including the interior minister, in a helicopter crash near Kyiv. Follow our live.

Registration on Parcoursup’s post-baccalaureate admissions platform begins this afternoon for high school seniors and students in reorientation. They have until March 9 to choose from among 21,000 state-recognized training courses.

Only seven departments remained on orange alert, all due to the risk of snow and ice: Ain, Allier, Isère, Loire, Puy-de-Dôme, Rhône and Saone-et-Loire.

12:17 p.m. : When asked about the case of workers who started their careers at a very young age, the spokesperson for the government assured that the executive had the intention to do so “reducing injustice”. He ensures that the mechanism is provided for a long career, which will be profitable “those who start work earlier”. “40% of French people will be able to leave before the official retirement age”assures Olivier Véran.

12:16 p.m. : “We assumed that, like our European neighbours, we would have to work more. But, even after reforms, we would leave France better off and retire earlier than in almost any eurozone country.”

12:02 : “We all support this pension reform project. (…) We are all committed to the pact we have made with our majority and our president”assured Olivier Véran, asked about the possibility of a dispute in the parliamentary majority.

11:53 : “We hope this popular expression doesn’t turn into a blockage.”

11:41 a.m : “Welcome that French question and debate”, believes Olivier Véran. The government spokesman spoke at the end of the Council of Ministers.

11:00 : Pension reform strike day will be closely followed in national education. About 70% of primary school teachers will go on strike, according to figures from Snuipp-FSU. Schoolteachers in Mayenne, who plan to mobilize tomorrow, say they are ready for a long fight to bend the government.


10:57 : The Minister of Home Affairs asked the Prefects to take steps to protect elected officials. In the notes we can consult, Gérald Darmanin considers itin the context of mobilization towards the pension reform project, theElected officials tend to be the targets of malicious acts, threats, anger, insults, and destruction of property.

10:56 : Hello @Sign. Here’s an interview with Philippe Martinez, guest of “4 Truths” this morning. Leader of the CGT plan lots of people on the streets and lots of people on strike”.he assured.

10:22 : Hello @mambos. For now the full text has not been presented and ratified by the Council of Ministers. But the government has summarized the main steps on its website.

10:22 : Hello, is there a place where we can find pension reform? Not a journalistic summary but actually what needs to be discussed. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day

09:57 : Personality involved. Nobel laureate in literature Annie Ernaux, actress Adèle Haenel, actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin and writer Nicolas Mathieu are among the hundreds or more artists and intellectuals protesting pension reform, in a column published by the left-wing weekly Political.

09:13 : Pension reform: “We can always increase the employer’s contribution”, as proposed by François Bayrou, says Bruno Le Maire. “But it will be paid for with more unemployment”.

09:13 : Mobilization against pension reform”: “I have nothing to worry about”, “that’s perfectly fine”, thought Bruno Le Maire. “If there are interesting and fair proposals, we are always open to improvement,” said the Minister of Economy .

09:12 : Bruno Le Maire not “No need to worry” on mobilization against pension reform. “If there is an interesting and fair proposal, we are always open for improvement”said the Minister of Economy.

09:05 : It’s 9am, we’re keeping the news:

• Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the mobilization of more than 10,000 police and gendarmes to maintain order tomorrow during demonstrations against pension reforms. Follow our live.

• A helicopter crashed this morning in the town of Brovary, on the outskirts of Kyiv, announced presidential adviser Kyrylo Tymoshenko. “There are victims”, he wrote. Follow our live.

• Registration on Parcoursup’s post-baccalaureate admissions platform begins this afternoon for high school seniors and students in reorientation. They have until March 9 to choose from among 21,000 state-recognized training courses.

• Sixteen departments are still on orange alert this morning. The reasons are varied: snow, ice, rain and floods.

09:09 : “When you look at the situation in other European countries, I think 64 is the right choice.”

On the eve of the general mobilization against pension reform, Bruno Le Maire believes that the government’s reform project is “just the right balance”. The Minister of the Economy is franceinfo’s guest this morning.

8:25 : Gérald Darmanin added that, “according to intelligence information, several thousand people could commit violence” during demonstrations in Paris. “We really have to differentiate those who come to the demonstrations, and who are the overwhelming majority I imagine, to express their political opinion, from those who want to disperse”urged the Minister of Home Affairs.

08:20 : ?️ @GDarmanin on mobilizing against pension reform tomorrow: “There will be over 10,000 policemen and policemen deployed. That’s a lot […] 1,000 potentially violent individuals.” ??️ Guest @amandine_begot at #RTLMatin ? https://t.co/vyx5o5YT32

08:19 : The Minister of Home Affairs has just decided on the RTL system that will be implemented tomorrow. “I don’t know if there will be people at the demonstrations tomorrow, in Paris and elsewhere, but we are preparing.explains Gérald Darmanin. More than 10,000 police and police will be deployed, including 1,500 in Paris.”

08:17 : Gérald Darmanin announced the mobilization of more than 10,000 police and police to ensure the maintenance of order tomorrow, during a demonstration against pension reform.

07:16 : Tomorrow’s strike against pension reform made headlines in several newspapers this morning, incl Ocean Press and Delivery.

07:01 : They will be away from the demonstrations in France. Thursday, strike day against pension reform, Emmanuel Macron and part of the government will be in Spain. The Head of State must sign a friendship agreement and strengthen cooperation between the two countries. The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, will remain in Paris.

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