Music from Yelloh! Village: details matter

Yelloh! The village makes it an honor to take care of the tourists. The French hotel-camping chain made this clear through its new marketing campaign, which emphasizes the importance of detail. The music in the pub is the song “When, when, when” by Tony Renis and Alberto Testa.

Yelloh Village Ad: details matter

Advertisement Yelloh! Village called “Details matter”. It was designed by Blue EGG agency. The ad starts in front of a holiday village and depicts tourists arriving at the site. Families love to find a place where they will spend their holidays, with this very beautiful atmosphere. Once they arrived they were all greeted by a very smiling hotel manager. Then it’s time to take advantage of the infrastructure. The grandfather chose to relax in the jacuzzi. Meanwhile the children buy ice cream, with a salesman who seems very cautious. They will then have fun in the pool and have fun on the slides.

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