Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Fast X) coming to the MCU soon? This isn’t just a rumour!

news culture Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Fast X) coming to the MCU soon? This isn’t just a rumour!

Jason Momoa has been tipped to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now, but what was just a rumor is now taking shape…

One of Main cast of DC Universe can join the competition? In any case, this is what recent reports suggest Jason Momoa is on his way to join the MCU.


  • After Daenerys Targaryen, will Khal Drogo join the MCU?
  • Will the turmoil at DC push Jason Momoa to join Marvel?
  • Jason Momoa, the future of Thing?

After Daenerys Targaryen, will Khal Drogo join the MCU?

Jason Momoa has performed various important roles in recent years, but two of them in particular have marked a lot of fans: Khal Drogohusband of Daenerys Targaryen in season one Game of Thrones seriesand Water man in DC Universe Movies. While his Game of Thrones partner and life partner, Emilia Clarke, joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe next spring in the Secret Invasion series, Momoa may be joining his pals on a Marvel adventurebecause he too could immediately become a part of this universe.

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Fast X) coming to the MCU soon?  This isn't just a rumour!

Will the turmoil at DC push Jason Momoa to join Marvel?

According to sources from Giant Freakin Robotsa site known for disclosing exclusive information about the film industry, Jason Momoa did make a big deal with Marvel. This is part of a certain context: the DC movies have been successful, but not the success they were hoping for. Most, DC went into turmoil after James Gunn and Peter Safran were installed as heads of DC Studios. This calls into question most of the future projects announced for DC, as well as the actors who are a part of them. Apart from Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad films, the last directed by James Gunn and produced by Peter Safran, it seems neither actor is guaranteed a spot in an upcoming DC film. Therefore, it includes Aquaman’s interpreter, Jason Momoa. We sure Momoa will appear in at least one more DC production, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which will hit theaters at the end of the year. But the future of his character, and therefore his presence in the DC Universe cast is more than uncertain after that, what could be accelerated his arrival at Marvel. The question, now, is above all to know in what role?

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Fast X) coming to the MCU soon?  This isn't just a rumour!

Jason Momoa, the future of Thing?

Long before reports from sources Giant Freakin Robot, rumors have been circulating about Momoa’s arrival in the MCU, especially as a character. Indeed, a movies expected in 2025 seems appropriate: Fantastic Four. what a wish reassemble all the superheroes from the comics that were previously attached to 20th Century Fox. It already starts with – for example – the presence of a new Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic, posing as John Krasinski, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. If this one is from an alternate reality, it isn’t it is not impossible to find this character interpreted by the same actor in the film to which it is dedicated. But we don’t currently not aware of other character interpretersand it’s been a long time since Jason Momoa is expected to play Ben Grimm, aka the Thing. He clearly has build physically for this roleand can bring grumbling attitude we’ve seen in other productions for characters with very sad stories, because his transformation into a stone monster was a tragedy in the life of Ben Grimm. Character from It was hosted by Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell in a film that was relatively forgettable until then.

Jason Momoa as Ben Grimm seems like a pretty consistent choice., and which will attract people to the cinema because the actor is appreciated. And to be precise, about commercial aspect of the announcement if it will be created, site British Small Screen also claimed to have information. According to their source, if the first director of the film, Jon Watts, left the project in April 2022 it’s for various screenplay reasons, to take a break from superhero movies, but also (and most importantly) to casting reasons. He wanted one a young cast of little-known actors in his Fantastic Four, meanwhile Marvel wants a ‘bigger name’. The classic way to get people to the movies, for a franchises that are not always among the most popular from Marvel. Since, Matt Shakaman, director of WandaVision, was appointed as the new director from the movies. That’s for sure if Marvel wants a big name, choosing Jason Momoa as Ben Grimm is the most logical choice. Therefore it remains only to wait for the film’s official casting, which is slated for 2025, to confirm. Meanwhile, you find Jason Momoa in Fast X in May, then in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December, and on Fast and Furious 11 next year.

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Fast X) coming to the MCU soon?  This isn't just a rumour!

And you, would you like to see Jason Momoa in a role for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, possibly as Ben Grimm aka Hal in the 2025 Fantastic Four film?

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