Center d’art Madeleine-Lambert: the collection will be online soon

Karim-GHELLOUSSI, series “Those who live”, detail (2020, gift of the artist, coll. -Ville de Vénissieux). XJ image

On December 16, during the opening of the exhibition On the pattern at the Madeleine-Lambert arts center, the elected representative for Culture Bayrem Braiki is excited about the news she has just learned, about “beautiful city art collection promotion”. An approach pioneered by the municipality since, over some forty years and the determination of Madeleine Lambert (creator of our visual arts department), 731 works by 338 artists have been acquired. These are sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, photographs and videos, to which are added some forty permanent works in public spaces and in school groups.

This is how Vénissieux submitted an application to the Videomuseum association, which puts national collections (Georges-Pompidou, Picasso museums, etc.), museums (Bordeaux, Grenoble, Marseille, Nantes, Nîmes, etc.) online on its website. , Giverny, Piscine de Roubaix, Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, macLYON, etc. and FRACs (regional funds for contemporary art), from Alsace, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Burgundy, Brittany and the Villeurbanne Institute of Contemporary Art, among others.

In mid-December, the Videomuseum general assembly examined the city’s membership application and the Council voted an overwhelming majority to include Vénissieux in this network of national contemporary art collections.

Now opening a major project consisting of photographing and digitizing works. “Half of it is digitized with very high definition, emphasized Xavier Jullien, director of the Madeleine-Lambert art center. Used as a library catalogue, the Videomuseum is an essential tool. The municipality’s project demonstrates that it must primarily address residents, that it also serves as a relay for our teachers and all our education partners, while exerting a significant influence that can open up new opportunities for lending and distribution, in the community and beyond. Access to the Videomuseum website will be integrated into the Culture portal which is in the process of being finalized by the City. »

“Like an inexhaustible primary forest”

Therefore, more than 700 works are present in the City collection, which is compared to Xavier Jullien “inexhaustible primary forest”. We are in early 2020 and the arts center is exhibiting, under the title disco Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, part of a much larger whole. When it was about “the idea of ​​looking at this collection and the persistence of this look, even changing, over the years”.

“Oldest work, explained Xavier Jullien, dated from 1931 and signed by Pierre Combatt-Descombes. Among the most recent acquisitions, let us mention Blaise Adilon and Laura Ben Haïba, and, also, the artists who were present in the donation that Lyon gallery owner Pascale Triol made to the city. »

Isidore Isou, “Commentaire sur Van Gogh”, 1985, Pascale Triol prize, Coll. City of Venice. Blaise Adilon’s photo

Some artist, which Xavier thinks they are “rooted in art history”, can be found in this rich catalog. Among them, André Masson, Isidore Isou, Bram Van Velde, Leonor Fini, Roberto Matta, Christian Babou, Édouard Pignon, Jean Raine and Julio Le Parc, an Argentinian artist naturalized in France and now 94 years old.

Others are pillars of the regional scene, all generations combined: Louise Hornung, Thérèse Contestin, Christos Kalfas, Christian Lhopital, Elzevir, Henry Ughetto, Géraldine Kosiak, Rémy Jacquier, Philippe Durand, Emmanuelle Coqueray, Simon de Saint Martin, Valérie Jouve, David Posth- Kohler, Rajak Ohanian, René Jaros, Josef Ciesla…

The collection also includes representatives from today’s French art scene such as Bertille Bak, Jean-Luc Verna, Christine Crozat or the céline duval documentation.

Finally, note the many works installed in the public spaces designed, to name a few, by Georges Salendre, Madeleine Lambert, Ivan Avoscan, Sylvie Dupin, Jean-Charles Monot, Patrice Giorda, Alain Lovato, Christiane Guillaubey, and Geneviève Böhmer.

Once digitization is complete, you can enjoy all of these rich samples of contemporary art.

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