Canly hopes. Mayor Lionel Guibon paid tribute to René Becuwe and Catherine Choron

Mayor Lionel Guibon and members of the city council during a welcoming ceremony on Saturday 14 January. Photo: municipality of Canly

I want to pay my respects to the two people who left us in 2022“, said Lionel Guibon, mayor of Canly, since 2014, according to the will of the municipality on Saturday 14 January, before paying tribute to city councilor Catherine Choron, who died on 17 April, “a cheerful woman, so in love with life that she is filled with enthusiasm and energy», and to René Bécuwe, honorary mayor, died at the age of 96, who ruled the city for 28 years.

Lionel Guibon talks about the accomplishments of his predecessor, whom he succeeded in 2014 after becoming his first deputy: the creation of economic activity zones, the takeover by the municipalities of bakeries and tobacco sticks, school groups, village halls, school extracurricular admissions and canteens and sports locker rooms…

During the first swearing-in ceremony since the emergence of covid, it was a question about the wars that had “emerged in the European region with its atrocities against the Ukrainian people and with its economic consequences for the whole world… Rising inflation for each of us is one of these difficulties“.

Project 2023

By 2023, the city government of Canly intends to continue investing regardless of context: “The goal is to balance the budget without burdening the city government’s finances.”

Several projects are being studied, in particular the complete replacement of public lighting with LED lighting, the launch of studies on the requalification of rue de la Gare, “with the rehabilitation of wastewater networks, community competence, and rainwater networks, initially“.

The rainwater runoff and landslide study, the study work carried out by the Community of the municipality of Plaine d’Entrées (CCPE), has been communicated to the municipality a few weeks ago: “We will be able to continue our research work with the completion of the work, the Jonquières watershed and the creation of several facilities. A rainwater catchment basin at the south exit of the village is planned, this project will be carried out in parallel with the upcoming subdivision study.»

2022 Achievements

2022 is like 2021, there are many road improvements: “With the creation of the rainwater network, we experienced a traffic ban for several months on rue du Jeu d’Arc.He also cited the construction of a roundabout at the south exit of the village, which will serve the next subdivision of Clos de Fayel.

In late October, in the presence of Nadège Lefebvre, president of Oise, work on the re-qualification of the RD26 for the 2021 and 2022 phases was made official.

Residents of the rue Victor-Charpentier have undergone a change in their addressing, switching to metric numbering, which replaced the classical numbering. The number of dwellings corresponds to the distance (in meters) between the start of the street, called the “zero point” (town hall, church, etc.) and the start of the plot. This numbering also takes into account the even and odd sides. “This system makes it possible to ensure the delivery of assistance, to increase the delivery time of letters and parcels, distribution of home services, etc. list of mayors. It took us three years to complete this project. I thank Nadège, Isabelle and Margot for the work done.” Metric numbering, adapted to less urbanized areas, makes it easy to enter residences.


The Mayor sent his encouragement to Alain Colindre, owner of Canlysien, who has completely rehabilitated his bistro, to welcome his customers in excellent terms. He remembers Alexandre Comont’s takeover of the patisserie, with some initial difficulties. And he didn’t forget the peddlers: “In November, small truck Pak Caron set up shop, offering seafood. In December, we saw small food truck Eddy Jegu set up shop in Place Aimé-Leduc, offering grilled chicken and take away food. And every Friday night, Mr. Lemp’s pizza. And soon, still Place Aimé-Leduc, the young Canlysien Aubry Dermont will offer her vegetables from the garden of organic culture.»


2022 is the year of biology at Roland Dovillé school in Canly, where students discover science. Thursday, July 7, twenty school children were honored for their work in food preservation. Work was praised by Anne-Sophie Palfray, academy inspector. He took this opportunity to thank the teachers: Agathe, Rachel, Aurélie and Christine (ATSEM), as well as the reception and recreation center facilitators.

Celebration moments

Lionel Guibon returns to the festivities organized by the festival commission: communal festival, meal for seniors, forum of association followed by a grand fireworks display, Telethon with Canlysian association, and Christmas show for children…

At the end of the year, Aline Venant-Boucourt, president of the Ensemble Partageons No’s Talents association, proposed a new show for the benefit of the Telethon. After Seeds of Love in 2021, Only You deserves success.

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