BFMTV SURVEY – Pensions: 66% of French oppose reforms, the proportion is increasing

The new “L’Opinion en direct” poll conducted by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV and unveiled on Wednesday confirms the opposition of most French people to the executive pension reform project and shows that this opposition is growing stronger. The up-and-coming social movement enjoyed wide popularity.

The new “L’Opinion en direct” poll conducted by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV this Wednesday afternoon brings some bad news for executives. Not only confirmed the hostility of most French people to his pension reform project, but also strengthened and expanded it. A sign that for now the government is dominated in the opinion battle.

The social movement that was announced and will know its first milestone this Thursday is for now approved. The possibility of a “block of state” to get a withdrawal or modification of plans made by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne after the presidential program was properly considered. details lessons from this study that reveal the state of mind of French people in the lead-up to social strife.

Consensus against reform, except for retirees

66% of the French thus expressed their opposition to the pension reform project. A peloton whose numbers rose sharply in one week: with a seven-point jump. 37% even presented themselves as “strongly against” this course of action. This trend is dominant in most segments of the population.

Of course, if we still count the 34% of reform supporters (after a swipe of seven points consequently), this one should equally find its public.

Indeed, 55% of people aged 65 and over, like 53% of retirees, support it. However, they are the only segment of the population that makes up the majority satisfied with an executive plan. However, it has the approval of 41% of traders and 35% of executives.

The opposition is the majority.
The opposition is the majority. © Elabé

The project’s biggest opponents are the professions of intermediaries (82% detractors after a 14-point increase) and workers (with 79% criticism, an eight-point increase). 75% of people aged 35-64 also reject the views put forward by the government.

On the political front, while 72% of Emmanuel Macron’s supporters support the Head of State’s plan, 88% of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and 79% of Marine Le Pen oppose it.

“Unfair,” or “desperately necessary”: a clash of arguments

Elabe also investigates her panel about the reasons for her position. Among the reasons most frequently cited to justify their aversion to the project, 45% of opponents maintain that “we must not delay retirement age” and they still 44% stress its “unfair” nature. . Apart from the only claimed opponent of the executive policy, 64% of French people (up six points) also regret the “injustice” of the proposed action.

Central to this analysis: the idea that it’s the simplest assets that are required to put in the extra effort, shared by 55% of our peers.

But supporters of pension reform also have their own arguments. Its proponents first put forward a project “critical to restoring the pension system’s finances” (“a must” cited by 68% of them). They also think that “live longer, it is normal to work longer” – words picked up by 55%, having earned six points, from reform advocates.

Overall, France describes the government’s orientation in this regard as blunt. 57% of them scoffed at the project being “inefficient to ensure the sustainability of the pension system” – again a six-point increase – and 53% did not consider it “necessary”. And they’re eight points more for thinking about stuff like this in a week.

This assessment is widely shared in public opinion, contradicting only Republican Presidential voters who see it as “necessary” (76%), “effective” (68%) and “fair” (63%), and retired. But it carries more weight. Of course Of course, they 57% mentioned “must” but they only have a relative majority of 45% to qualify as “effective.” 42% of retirees even admit that it is “unfair”, while 43% think otherwise.

French judgment on reform.
French judgment on reform. © Elabé

Popular mobilization

In this context, we would not be surprised at the agreement that mobilization against the pension reform project has emerged among the French. 56% validate it a priori. More specifically, 39% of the panel said they supported the upcoming move – up five points – and 17% sympathized with them – this time down nine points. While 15% were indifferent to the question, 29% of the French disapproved of the mobilization.

This disapproval met with particularly deep resonance among retirees – who 50% disqualified earlier demonstrations – but remain a minority elsewhere in the population.

Most importantly, in active categories – with approval rising to 46% after an eight-point jump – and among popular categories – 50% approval with an increase of eight points – the dynamics were the most spectacular. the last few days.

Support for the political struggle against this pension reform project is such that 55% of French people “would understand a state blockade”, seen as the “only way” for the government to “withdraw or change it”. This figure even reaches 63% if only active workers are taken into account. On the other hand, 44% of the French would not “understand” such a “blockage”.

The sample is 1,000 representatives of mainland French residents aged 18 years and over. The representativeness of the sample was ensured according to the quota method applied to the following variables: sex, age and profession of the interviewees after stratification by region and agglomeration category. Interview via the Internet from 17 to 18 January 2023.

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