After four months, iOS 16 still has a lot of bugs

A few weeks after the launch of the iOS 16 system, several bugs were reported in this system. At that time, it was understandable because a new system should have a lot of bugs. However, four months later, things seem to have gotten worse. Four months after its launch, users are still reporting that there are still lots of bugs in iOS 16. Some of these issues include slow keyboard popups, random reboots, UI issues, camera crashes, etc.

Apple released iOS 16 in September last year and has since released several follow-up updates to fix bugs and provide security fixes. The latest operating system update is iOS 16.2 which was released on December 13th. iOS 16.2 brings a new Infinity Notes app that adds new features to the iPhone 14 Pro all-weather look, along with new lock screen widgets, India 5G support, and more. According to user reports, apart from the latest features, this update also brings lots of bugs and system issues.

On Twitter, Reddit, MacRumors forums, and Apple’s official support website, users have reported experiencing a very high number of bugs and poor system performance after the latest iOS 16 update. , through rapid battery drain, camera app freezes, focus mode issues, Apple Music app bugs, HomeKit accessories not working, and CarPlay issues.

iOS 16 bugs keep getting better

On Reddit, users report that the app may crash after opening or crash completely while using it. “This started happening after updating to iOS 16.2. Users claim that this crash occurs in any app. If the app doesn’t crash, it will freeze for a few seconds. Users complain that these crashes or crashes happen regularly.

iOS 16.2

Users are also reporting that the problem with the Home app persists after the iOS 16.2 update. What’s new in this update is a redesign of the Home app architecture. Apple announced a new architecture in June, promising faster and more reliable HomeKit performance. However, after the release of the new app, users are reporting that there is a problem with attachments not working. This forced Apple to pull back the December update, but the issue persists in iOS 16.2.

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User reports indicate that the problem is not limited to certain iPhone models. The report reveals that even the latest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users are the most affected. There’s still the old issue where the user swiped up to close the app and there would be a delay. iOS 16.2 was released last month after being tested with developers and public testers since October. During the testing period in October, November, and December, Apple released five updates that fixed bugs and issues reported by testers. Since some users are experiencing lots of bugs in iOS 16.2, Apple may release iOS 16.2.1 to fix this issue before releasing iOS 16.3 in a few weeks.

Install rate growth is slowing down

After the release of the iOS 16 system in September, the install growth rate of the iOS 16 system is quite good. However, after only four months, the install speed seems to have slowed down. Throughout December last year, there was a significant decrease in the installation of this system. This slowdown is believed to be related to some issues with the iOS 16 system. This might be the reason why many users don’t want to upgrade to the new system.

iOS 16.2

A full 16 weeks after release, iOS 16 adoption finally hit 70% on January 1, 2023, according to Mixpanel. The adoption rate for the new system hit 66% in mid-November. In other words, it only increased by 4% during December. Mixpanel data also reveals that in the first few weeks after release, the number of iOS 16 installs increased, but this only increased the adoption rate to around 40% of the total. In mid-November, shortly after the release of 16.1.1, there was a second push. This second push brings the total adoption rate to around 66%. After that, the speed slowed down and the system install rate dropped from 66% to 70% after just over a month.

iOS 16 adoption rate in three phases

We can see that the surge in adoption of the iOS 16 system occurred in three stages. One of them is for early installers, who want to update as quickly as possible. Stage two users are more careful and don’t upgrade until the bug is fixed by upgrading multiple versions. Then there’s the last group of about 40% who don’t seem to really care about the new version of iOS.

iOS 16.2

According to some analysts, one of the reasons why users are not enthusiastic about upgrading the new iOS system is because the old iOS system is already a relatively mature operating system. They claim that it already has all the functions that most iPhone users really need. iOS 16 brings some welcome improvements, but not too significant changes. Thus, many users do not feel the need to upgrade.

Besides, another reason why users don’t upgrade iOS system is Apple’s fault. There are still many bugs in iOS 16. Users are worried that upgrading to a new system will affect the use of the phone. Also, many users believe that upgrading to a new system will slow down the phone. While this isn’t necessarily true, many users think so and that’s what matters.

Have you updated to iOS 16 yet? Are you having problems with the system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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