A new address for vegan baos is being prepared in Brussels

Who says fast food always rhymes with unhealthy comfort food that you immediately regret after eating? Its “healthy” and responsible equivalent is also in the process of becoming a hit in Belgium and elsewhere: fast good. Among the newcomers to surfing trends: Wonderbao. This new concept, which just popped up on rue Saint-Boniface, is already rich in food references, bringing with it an offer that the neighborhood still lacks.

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Baos Vegan XL

So we found a new address right next to the traditional Japanese restaurant Yamato. On menus? XL vegan baos are cooked from organic, local and sustainable ingredients. Behind the idea, we find Sébastien Flandroy behind the former Dolma. You know, this address is where we sample a very inventive exclusive vegetarian and vegan buffet every day. Today, this convinced vegan has decided to revisit fast food in her own right. “I love the concept of My Tannour”explains Sébastien Flandroy. “Because they manage to offer fresh and quality products at durum prices, I think it’s great”.

The goal? Show that it’s possible to eat vegan and local “zero limit”. There’s nothing to prevent vegan cuisine from sometimes getting a little curvaceous and greedy. So get out of the old idea of ​​a vegetable plate and salad. At Wonderbao, you can sample crispy fried onions with Cajun spices, ranch dressing, chickpea and pea falafel, homemade tahini dip with toasted black sesame or pea hummus with fresh coriander. So much for the (not so) small sides at the 6€ we shared. Next to it, places the flagship item: their baos XL (€10). Here we’re using a more “burger” version instead of the classic small baos we’re used to. Special mention for the “Smash Falafel”, falafel bao with peanuts, fennel with lacto fermented turmeric, sprouted seeds, tahini sauce with black sesame, parsley and mint. The “Blue Seitan” we also tasted proposes to integrate an unusual food into its recipe based on roasted seitan: aioli with blue spirulina. Combined with beets, hazelnut chips and tarragon, it gives a completely unusual, ultra-colored bao that clings deliciously to the palate.

The new reign of quick kindness

All baos are seasonal, and have an originality consisting of lacto-fermented products. Lacto-fermentation is actually a salt-based preservative method that keeps food full of vitamins and minerals, even months later. The advantage is that it allows you to taste products out of season, but also provides an interesting touch of taste (sauerkraut and pickles are products of lacto-fermentation), has a rich and balanced lactic flora (and therefore better immune defense ) by letting in good bacteria such as “probiotics” ” breed.

A “bao of the month” will be on the menu every now and then depending on produce and seasonal inspiration. Here, all the ingredients are Belgian. Baos comes from Beersel, seitan from Jette, mushrooms from Brussels, tofu from Flanders… The obvious organic and sustainable aspects extend to the drinks. No need for Coke here, but no less delicious soft drink. From sparkling organic apple juice with a hint of “spicy” ginger (no added sugar) to beers from Brasserie de la Mule, also produced from organic produce, at Schaerbeek. We enjoyed it all on high wooden chairs in a relaxed atmosphere. We’re not going to dwell on the decor yet, which is sketchy for now, and we’d rather wait for this summer terrace (or some sunshine) to take in the neighborhood’s unique vibe.


Where ? Rue Saint-Boniface 34, 1050 Ixelles

When ? Open Monday through Saturday from noon to 10:30 p.m.

wonderbao. be

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