That’s it, big brands replace employees with AI

JVTech News That’s it, big brands replace employees with AI

2023 will be the year of generative artificial intelligence or not. A few months ago, no one knew the name Dall-E, ChatGPT or MidJourney. Today, this AI is at the center of the news and debates of all tech enthusiasts…but also the general public. For the first time, a major advertising campaign has just been created by one of these AIs: because it replaces multiple jobs.

Thumbnail generated by AI Midjourney and enlarged by Dall-E

AI has replaced many professions, even creative professions

Technical progress has always made human work easier. Almost all machines are around us precisely built with the goal of replacing human tasks with faster, more efficient, and less expensive automated systems.

If you think about it for 2 minutes, the concern about the rise of “job-killing” generative artificial intelligence is nothing new: it is this same concern that gives rise to every development large enough to disrupt our habits. Combine harvesters are taking the jobs of millions of farmers, automated cashiers are replacing cashiers and cashiers in supermarkets, metro turnstiles are eliminating punching jobs… in short, the list is almost endless.

that machine world what we built exploded productivity per capita. In theory, this should allow humans to focus on more intellectual, creative, and less strenuous work. The big novelty with generative AI is that they replace these more intellectual, more creative, and less painful jobs.

Last weekend, we talked about generative AI ChatGPTvery fashionable nowadays, who coulddoes not replace our work as journalists. The articles you can find here are written and illustrated from A to Z by this AI… in seconds. The end result is so convincing, we let you judge for yourself.

This is a Martini advertising campaign, created by IA Midjourney

A new step has just been taken by a multinational company, Martini, a famous Italian brand of vermouth (still the most potent 4ᵉ liquor brand in the world). This mega-corporation has just published a massive AI-generated advertising campaign. Where artistic directors, graphic designers, photographers and other decorators would work for days on end, Midjourney AI generates a series of almost immediately usable images in less than a minute.

With this new set of digital images, we’re looking into the future by using new technology to open up the world of Martinis, showing consumers what’s in every bottle.

Avril Nunez, Global Director of Creative Development at Martini

Called advertising campaign Disassembling Martini (which can roughly be translated as “Débouteillage de Martini”). Consists of 9 images generated by Midjourney, the idea behind the campaign Disassembling Martini is to ask AI to illustrate the specific ingredients found in the brand’s drink. Take for example the small slices of orange that can accompany a Martini: illustrated in the image above right.

Of course, this campaign was designed by an AD and the graphic designer must have been quick to use artificial intelligence, just to flesh out the details. It prevents that These 9 pictures will take a lot more people and time if Midjourney doesn’t interfere.

Beyond the eternal debate about layoffs, these first large-scale uses of AI for advertising purposes are increasing hard question of copyright. To generate images, artificial intelligences such as Dall-E or Midjourney use their huge databases… mainly consisting of works protected by intellectual property. And then these AIs are coded by people who can also claim compensation for indirect uses of their work.

Legally, we’re in a pretty gray area. Big companies are keen to enjoy it while it lasts.

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