Preview of the new Game Pass Atomic Bomb in 2023! We play it

Preview New Game Pass atomic bomb in 2023! We play it

During the 2022 Game Awards, a trailer made an impression. Atomic Heart was then a breath of fresh air at the ceremony presented by Geoff Keighley with his Soviet dystopia inspired by the sacred monsters of FPS. Are studio Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment preparing to drop an atomic bomb on the world of video games? Here is the first answer.

Requirements Preview

During an event hosted by Focus Entertainment in Paris, JV editorial staff were able to discover the first 3 hours of Atomic Heart on PC as well as areas accessible later in the adventure and ending with a boss fight.

Bolshevik dystopia

Studio Mundfish revisits History with a capital H and sets their plot in the heart of the utopian Soviet Union… in appearances at least. Atomic Heart depicts an alternative history, namely the Soviet Union which was very strong following its advances in robotics during the 1930s and its landslide victory over the forces of the Third Reich in 1941. Facing the loss of countless human lives, the country became automatic. The work is then entrusted to robots which are placed under the control of a collective mind. We are now in 1955 at the start of a major change for the “mother country”, namely the discovery of neuro-polymers, programmable materials based on living tissue, and the launch of Collectiv 2.0. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. Only Special Agent Major Nechaev alias P-3 is able to save the day.

From the first minute, one of the main inspirations that gave birth to this Bolshevik dystopia is clear. Atomic Heart is the heir to Bioshock Infinite, but not only that. The existence of the 3826 underground base in which the hero is a prisoner is very reminiscent of a certain Black Mesa (Half-Life) complex. Other players can also feel a strong respect for Control by Remedy with its various laboratories with a very striking atmosphere. A game published by Focus Entertainment can be defined as an open world with the peculiarity of consisting of several semi-open areas linked together by the famous 3826 complex which acts as the “central hub”.

Atomic Heart is an open world which doesn’t prevent it from emphasizing the story. The adventure, which lasts between 25 and 30 hours according to its developers, is meant to be highly narrative and offers plenty of cutscenes that punctuate its development perfectly. even better, This FPS takes time even if it means opening the doors of its world that open only after a few hours of wandering through delightful mazes. In doing so, emphasis is placed on the intensely oppressive atmosphere and hard learning of the rules that govern the dystopia imagined by Mundfish’s creative team.

An artistic direction that mixes brutal architecture, retro-futurist past and the 50’s must be credited to the designers who have built a credible and coherent universe that always amazes us. The technique is not left behind. The first video promised a graphic slap on the “soviet”, and the studio delivered the goods. Atomic Heart stands out for its stunning visuals, both in production and creativity, and there’s no doubt that P-3’s adventures in complex 3826 still have plenty of surprises in store for us. And as if that weren’t enough, the game is fully dubbed and subtitled in French (VF + VOSTFR). Satisfied people!

New Game Pass atomic bomb in 2023!  We play it

Asimov’s Nightmare

Atomic Heart belongs to the first-person shooter genre and in fact offers its share of confrontations that will quickly prove to be full. The FPS from the Munfish studio gave nothing (or nearly) to those who dared to step on the ship of Soviet technology. From the first enemy, the tone is set. Between hand-to-hand combat and gunfights, Major Nechaev tries to survive as best he can against the various bestiaries of robots, mutants, and other delightful things born from the fertile imaginations of Russian scientists. To do this, he can rely on an AI-equipped gauntlet named Charles who, against his sage advice, provides him with skills that prove essential for survival.

Studio Mundfish was inspired by Bioshock, among others, to design this Bolshevik journey, and so integrated a Light-RPG dimension that offers players the opportunity to personalize their hero and equipment. As P-3 develops, he is invited to unlock passive skills, strengths, and to enrich-enhance his arsenal to fight certain resistance to the warring local “fauna”. Especially at this point, Atomic Heart is not surprising, but cautious. It’s great fun discovering Major’s tech skills and customizing weapons with many variantsthen put them to the test in fierce battles against Collectiv 2.0 minions or even sneaky bosses.

It’s impossible to leave the 3826 complex without approaching this open world exploration built for the glory of the Soviet Union and the simple pleasures of discovery that resulted from it. Atomic Heart is updated regularly, both visually and from a fun perspective, to offer players an unforgettable epic. Beyond the aforementioned visuals and mysteries lurking all over the place, more and more clever puzzles that summon the hero’s skills mischievously put our wits to the test. This FPS is not content to make talking powder. It plays on our nerves, encourages reflection and demands indifference and curiosity.

New Game Pass atomic bomb in 2023!  We play it

Our impression

Atomic Heart has all the cards in hand to claim the title of “atomic bomb” of 2023. Inspired by Bioshock, Half-Life, or even the Metro trilogy, the title from studio Mundfish is very ambitious and rests on a solid foundation without forgetting to light your fire. own trail. Here is a generous FPS to the last degree that should confirm in February all the good we think of him.

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