Music, theatre, swimming pools, painting, paleography… What happened in Haute-Vienne?


As part of her final “Last Meeting” tour with her audience, Isabelle Aubret, grande dame of the French song, will give a concert on Sunday 22 January at 16.00, at the multi-purpose hall Louis-Aragon in Châlus.

Ticket price: €32. Reservation with city hall (


Friday 20 January at 8pm, the Théâtre du Cloître in Bellac welcomes The Wackids, namely Blowmaster, Speedfinger and Bongostar, three red, yellow and blue superheroes who reinterpret rock’s greatest hits with children’s instruments.


Monday 23 January, at 8pm, the Jean-Gagnant cultural center in Limoges is giving a concert Wilson suites, on the initiative of the Hot Club of Limoges. This is Teddy Wilson’s immersion in jazz from 1935 to 1942.

At that time, Teddy Wilson recorded a lot with the greatest jazz musicians, such as Buck Clayton or Lester Young. Her training also accompanies singers such as Billie Holiday. Seven musicians and singer Antonella Vullens will bring Teddy Wilson to life.

Price €30; reservation:


L’Atelier Garance presents Saturday, January 21 at 20:30, at La Mégisserie in Saint-Junien, “Building”, a play by Léonore Confino, a success of the 2011 Avignon festival. The play takes place in a thirteen-story building . Viewers will visit different floors throughout the weekday at the rate of one scene per floor. The public will find a whole gallery of characters.

Price: 10 euros and 5 euros minus the price. Reservation on


Aquapolis, the aquatic center of Limoges Métropole, celebrated its 8th anniversary, Wednesday 18 January inside the building. The holiday will start with breakfast with pastries, fruit juice, coffee… from 8am in the reception hall for all users.

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Aquapolis will also be offering coffee breaks starting at 1pm, still in the reception hall. In the evening, the festivities continue with the presence of inflatable structures in the 50m pool, magic shows, inflatable sculptures of balloons, cotton candy… so many activities for the greatest young and old.

Without forgetting the important moments of the afternoon with the cutting and distribution of the Aquapolis birthday cake which will take place by the pool at 16.45.


The professional license course “Anthropized environmental design” from the University of Limoges (unique in France, in collaboration with CFPPA – Vaseix center for professional training and agricultural promotion), hosts an open day on Saturday 21 January from 14:00 17 hours at the CFPPA des Vaseix in Verneuil-sur-Vienne; 14.00 – 14.30, training presentation; 14.30 – 15.30, presentation of works; 15.30 – 17.00, exchange with students and training managers.

Contacts: Evelyne Gagnant,,; Nicole Pignier,,


As part of the Reading Evening, the Simone-Veil library in Aixe-sur-Vienne will offer Saturday 21 January at 19:30. “Werewolves” nights were rich in entertainment, with board games led by a La Marelle limousine, readings and manual workshops.
Reservation at


Association of Friends of the Limoges Museum of Fine Arts organized Wednesday January 18th at 7pm, Espace Simone-Veil, a conference is called In the painter’s sun, by Dominique Lobstein, art historian, in connection with an exhibition at the Marmottan-Monet museum in Paris until January 29 in the sun in paintings. Admission: non-members €10, members €6, students/unemployed €2.


Paleography courses for reading and understanding archival documents are offered by the association Archives en Limousin and the Haute-Vienne Departmental Archives. They enable everyone to learn about this fun and scientific discipline. Classes will take place in the Departmental Archives conference room, 1, allée Alfred-Leroux in Limoges, from 5pm to 6.30pm. They will then take place every two weeks based on level (except during school holidays). Groups will be limited to a maximum of twenty people. Participation is subject to membership in the Archives En Limousin association.

Register at, by writing to or via the online form.

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