Fuel allowance: we tested for you the application form on the tax website and it’s not that simple…

The 100 euro fuel allowance, which replaces the government rebate on pumps that was abolished at the end of 2022, can be requested from Monday 16 January. The payments are not automatic. We provide you with the procedures to follow to request this assistance.

In a hurry with fuel allowance. This assistance replaces the government rebate at gas stations which will be abolished at the end of 2022. It can be requested from Monday, January 16 and was a great success. Indeed, 825,000 requests were filed on Monday on the tax website, according to a count done at 7 p.m., retrieved by french info. Paid in lump sum and in the amount of 100 euros, this push is meant to help the simplest of households who take their car to work.

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If, on paper, the process of making a request seems simple, what exactly is it? Midi Libre has tested you to fill out forms and here are the results.

1. Click in the right place on the tax website

First of all, it is necessary to know where to click on the tax site. And you have to do it twice… If it is shown in capital letters on the homepage of the site “€100 FUEL COMPENSATION FOR VEHICLE USE FOR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES”, the form does not appear immediately. To access it, you must click “Discover more”then on “Recipients can request it until February 28 from the special form: https://ict.impots.gouv.fr”.

On the tax website, click “find out more” to access the fuel allowance application form.
SCREEN SHOT – Impots.gouv.fr

Once you arrive at the form link, you should again click on new: File a compensation claim to finally start filling in your personal information required for the claim.

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2. Complete the form with all the correct documents provided

Page opened prior to accessing the fuel allowance claim form.

Page opened prior to accessing the fuel allowance claim form.
SCREEN SHOT – Impots. gouv

After all these steps, the famous shape finally appeared. To complete it, you must have the proper documents. Bring … you tax number (which you can find on your tax return) and STNK document that you use to go to work, whether it’s a private vehicle or not. Company vehicles or long-term rental vehicles also qualify, recalls West France.

Form to fill out to claim government fuel allowance.

Form to fill out to claim government fuel allowance.
SCREEN SHOT – Impots. gouv

After all the requested information has been filled in correctly, check the box “I certify that I use my car for travel” (if you did use the car shown for the commute/office) and validate and done!

While the email address is optional, mentioning it is still recommended, so you stay up to date on the progress of your files. If not, don’t forget to download your request summary document (in the last step) if you haven’t provided your email address. This will allow you to retrieve your file number and follow the progress of your file through this link.

Good to know: from the moment your application is submitted, the government site provides “response within a maximum of ten days”. for Ceux who do not have access to online services, you can go to point France Services nearest office, at the tax office, or call 0 806 000 229, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 7pm.

Don’t delay claiming fuel allowances, that is February 28, 2023it will be too late.

Who is entitled to the fuel allowance?

To be eligible for the payment of this new benefit, determines the ruling, “the applicant must be a member of a tax household whose reference tax income per share in respect of income for 2021 is less than or equal to €14,700, and submit a request for a two, three or four, thermal and/or electricity, which are used for professional purposes including travel for housework and are regularly insured on the date of request, excluding four-wheeled bicycles, heavy motorized vehicles, agricultural vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and company or service vehicles”.

Not more than one allowance per person per car. “For a person who travels an average of 12,000 km per year, this is a relief of about 10 euro cents per liter for a year”, specifies the Service-public.fr website.

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