ASM Clermont: Christophe Urios has been considered very seriously to replace Jono Gibbes

As we announced in our edition this Monday, the track leading to Christophe Urios is one of the privileges of succeeding Jono Gibbes, as ASM Clermont head coach.

Mario Ledesma refused

If initially Mario Ledesma was indeed surveyed, the former Pumas coach preferred to refuse the application due to family and life constraints in Argentina which forced him to refuse.

ASM Clermont: did Jono Gibbes’ eviction come at the right time? Listen to the Here Montferrand podcast

Since then, Christophe Urios’ options have become clearer. Especially since the man clearly had credit internally. In a group that is severely lacking in leaders, his leadership skills will be seen as a good way to revive a team that is lacking in results and confidence.

Ongoing negotiations

If the president of ASM categorically refuses to announce the name of the chosen one, this Monday in his press conference, it can be said that negotiations between the two parties have started.

“Since this weekend,” said Jean-Michel Guillon, still on condition of anonymity. Negotiations should be finalized in the coming days for a formal announcement which, if all goes well, should take place in the middle of the week.

ASM in Lyon with its new coach?

In any case, it is the club’s wish as the team approaches the trip to Lyon, Saturday 28 January, with its new coach.

Jean-Michel Guillon (ASM president), on sacking of Jono Gibbes: “A difficult but necessary decision”

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Until the end of this season, Christophe Urios will work with people already at ASM on “rescue” missions.

Julien Laïrle and Frédéric Charrier, his trusted assistant, will end their tenure at UBB at the end of June. It’s not impossible to see them land at Auvergne at the end of the season. But for now, everything has its time.

Priest Arnaud

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