5G in just 3 steps

If you’re always on the move, your smartphone less than a meter away, ready to be pulled away… If this smartphone is everything to you: your relationship with the world, with your friends, your job, your entertainment… then logically, you should migrate to 5G. For those who “know nothing about it but still love it”, and to everyone else who wants to “do things in order”, here’s a little 3 step tutorials to shift gears.

Step 1 : Choose the best of the 4 networks

To find out all the details of 5G antenna deployment by carriers, feel free to consult our dedicated files for December. Notice here that each of the 4 incumbent operators has very different strategyboth in the number of antennas installed and in the choice of frequency used:

  • Orange really depends on usage frequency 3.5GHhregarded as the most effective in terms of network performance and quality: very good in congested areas.
  • Free, leader in the number of antennas installed (about 21,000), have a preference for low frequency 700 MHz : less efficient on the flow side, has a good better distributionwhich gives operators a major advantage in sparsely populated areas.
  • SFR and Bouygues Telecom have had a more homogeneous distribution Their antennas at different frequencies are available.

So much for the general trend, let’s look at it case by case. Each operator offers eligibility testers on its own dedicated website, but in the editorial office, we make your life easier by allowing you to view a map of 3G / 4G / 5G antennas in France, to find out which operator is in your city. Then check which has the best 5G mobile network coverage near you by testing your address:

Which is the best mobile operator near you?

Test your address here

2nd step : Choose the right smartphone

Let’s remember the obvious: to take advantage of 5G, you still have to have it compatible equipment ! There’s still time to take advantage of a sale, and waste a few hours hanging around the store or online in front of miles and miles of technical descriptions. You can also let yourself be guided by sellers who more or less respect your budget. Finally, you can choose to simplify your life, and even 2 times : thanks to our comparator of the best 5G compatible smartphones, you’re bound to find both compatible devices, but also the best subscriptions on the market to get your hands on at an unbeatable price.

Choose from a number of 5G smartphones:

  • call to 1€ and 2 years of commitment : Xiaomi 12T for 5€/month on SFR, or Galaxy S22 Free, updated, and thereafter almost 25 euros per month.
  • call to Less than 10 euroslike Galaxy A33 on Cdiscount Mobile,
  • from iPhone at preferential rateslike iPhone 13 for €229 + €8 per month, with 130 GB plan from Bouygues Telecom
  • from high end smartphones at a more affordable price, like the Xiaomi 12 Pro, for €569 on Orange

Step 3 : Choose the right package

There is a 4G package with 5G option, often billed at 5 euros per month, And others. Back to school under the sign of inflation has left its mark: no more 5G plans for less than ten euros in the market, even without a cell phone, even with a commitment! So be clear about your needs, and keep track of your actual mobile data consumption before you decide.

Our comparison of the best 5G mobile plans for January will guide you, depending on whether you choose a non-binding plan, with a maximum of gigabytes, or one that works anywhere abroad. Thus we find:

  • a super price with a new limited series of 130 GB for €12.99 on NRJ Mobile;
  • a max data by cellular at preferential rates at Bouygues Telecom: 200 GB for €29.99 in the first year, and €49.99 in the second year;
  • 4 packs only 200 or 210 giga under the 20 euro markoperator, alternative or not: Syma, Free, Coriolis Telecom and Bouygues Telecom

you choose!

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