what happened behind the scenes during the incident at La Mosson

Disappointed with MHSC results (8 wins, 5 draws and 25 losses in the league since 16 January 2022), ultras Hérault made themselves heard on Sunday, during the loss they conceded against Nantes (0-3).

A fresh defeat, the 12th of the season, two players sent off, Khazri and Wahi, and a fifteen-minute interruption after Ultras pailladin action: MHSC afternoon turned into a nightmare this weekend.

Annoyed by his team’s recent performance, specifically the slap in Nice (6-1 loss), Butte Paillade had planned to mark the streak before the game. The anger of Hérault’s supporters manifested itself in strikes and banners put up in the parking lot by members of the Butte Paillade or Armata. You can read the messages there, most often derogatory, sometimes homophobic, which the Minister for Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra condemned on Monday morning.

Following this boycott, Butte detonated a farm bomb in the parking lot at the 15th minute of play, which destroyed a row of seats, as if telling everyone the party was over. An extraordinary comeback with lots of smoke bombs launched on the lawn, at Jonas Omlin’s penalty area level, led to a 17-minute delay of the encounter. Time to bring the players back into the locker room and call for calm through Pierre-Marie Grappin, the club’s head of security.

Some at the club were also surprised that such a decision was taken so quickly, when the situation did not seem to escape the referee, and no crisis device (planned since the incident at OL-OM last season) was triggered. Hérault prefecture has not yet been surveyed about whether or not follow-up will be provided at the meeting.

The worst has been avoided

In the first half, tensions build in the parking lot. A violent fight breaks out between the ultras. Many of them intend to storm the pitch at the end of the game in case of another defeat, while others just want to leave the stadium. The police were mobilized, as were the flight attendants. It ultimately left the stands which was the chosen option. The few remaining ultras exchanged words with Jonas Omlin who came to chat with them at the final whistle. The players (Teji Savanier, Jordan Ferri or Faitout Maouassa in particular) turned around at the whistle.

In the mixed zone, the Nantes, like Fabien Centonze, realized that this cut was good for the Canaries: “It was very difficult especially at the start of the game when we took the water, we weren’t going to lie to each other. The Montpellier attack and then this break made us good. It allowed us to move back.” Christopher Jullien, the only Montpellier player to speak up, lamented the attitude of the fans: “Let them show their annoyance, that’s their right, this is football. After that, I repeat there are two types of people: those who see the negative side and others. So if they see the negatives, we will focus on the positives. I played in Fribourg, with whom I came down, and until the last, they cheered us on “Today is our twelfth man, he has to be with us. Today if they want to shoot us, okay shoot us. There are 19 games left to save themselves. It remains to be seen whether we will take the twelfth person with us or not.”

Partially closed session is coming

This famous twelfth man will be absent for the next meeting. The Tribune Etang de Thau (parking lot of the Butte Paillade) was hit by a suspended two-match suspension following the incident that occurred in Toulouse. The club hopes that today the Stand will be closed for the arrival of PSG (February 1), Brest (February 12) or even Lens (February 26).

On the other hand, total cameras are unthinkable for the leaders of Montpellier. They also wanted to react this morning to the minister’s message, sharing his disappointment: “MHSC condemns in the strongest terms the homophobic remarks made on some of the banners put up in the stands during MHSC – FC Nantes.”

“While a banner ‘to express supporters’ dissatisfaction’ has been passed in a complicated sporting context, in no case should such statements be tolerated”, the club added in a press release.

The prosecutor’s office announced the opening of an investigation

An investigation is underway and a complaint will be lodged if necessary.

The Montpellier Public Prosecutor announced the opening of an investigation “regarding allegations of public insult due to sexual orientation, identification, possession and use of rockets or fireworks at a sports arena and throwing projectiles endangering the safety of persons at a sports arena”. The investigation is entrusted to the security department.

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