the numbers that unlock your phone

The PUK code is a unique four to eight digit sequence that your network must provide to unlock your phone.

Have you recently purchased a new smartphone and are planning to unlock it for use with other networks? Or have you entered the wrong PIN code too many times and need the PUK code to unlock your SIM card? Find out how in this article.

PUK code: what is it?

PUK code (Personal unlocking keys) is a private unlock key used to reset the phone’s PIN code. If you enter three times wrong PIN code your SIM card, locked device and it won’t be possible to unlock it until you enter your PIN again correctly. To unlock your device, you need your PUK code.

This code is usually used by cell phone providers to unlock the SIM card after its security measures have been triggered. It can also be used to lift network restrictions from the phone.

The PUK code is generated by the operator and it is specific for each SIM card. It can also change every 5 years, depending on what the carrier decides.

PUK code

How to unlock your phone using PUK code?

Once you get your unlock code, you can use it right away on your device or keep it in a safe place until you need it. Lock screens can vary from phone to phone, but usually the interface just prompts you enter PUK to unlock it.

Right after entering the code, the interface prompts you to do so dial a new PIN code. It is recommended to create a new PIN that is different from before for security reasons.

If the interface doesn’t offer an input field for your PUK, don’t panic, there is still a workaround. All you have to do is arrange in the following order: **05*. After this manipulation, the input field for your code should be displayed.

It is important to note that if you enter PUK code more than ten timesyour cell phone will be permanently blocked. Therefore you should avoid input errors.

Where can you find the code associated with your SIM?

In general, the PUK code is displayed on your SIM card’s plastic holder or in the box contained when purchased. Some operators even display the code on the back of the SIM card so users can find it as easily as possible.

In rare cases, you can also find them on the membership contract with your network provider. Unlike the PIN code, the PUK cannot be changed by the user. Therefore it is very important to keep it in a safe place in case you ever need to use it again.

If you cannot find your PUK key in the indications above, you should contact your telephone company.

PUK code

How to get it from your network operator?

To get your SIM card PUK code, all you need to do iscontact your mobile carrier customer service. The procedure for obtaining this code is different for each supplier. Some carriers will send it to you via text message or email. The other person immediately relays it to you during the call.

In such cases, your mobile network company will ask you to join an agency for security reasons. It’s dodging fraud attempts with SIM cards.

Some network providers also offer you a code recovery on their website. On the other hand, you must provide a digital identity document to certify that the driver’s license is really yours.

Obtaining the PUK from the operator is always free the first time. However, your carrier may charge you for this service if you request the code a second time.

He is it’s important to get this private unlocking key (CPD), because you may need it when traveling abroad. You can also use it if you lose your phone and want to reactivate the service from another phone.

Is it possible to unlock a SIM card without a PUK code?

It is not yet possible to unlock the SIM card without the PUK code. This unique key is an important security measure. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your SIM card. In other words, if you forget your CPD code, only someone who knows it can use it to unlock your phone.

There are illegal apps that can force restricted access to the SIM card. But in this case, network will cancel your account and forces you to use something else. Which is not always an option due to the high cost of roaming overseas.

PUK code

You can only unblock a SIM card if your mobile carrier allows it. If you are still under contract with your provider, you can contact them to unlock your phone for a fee.

What is the difference between a PUK code and a PAC code?

The PAC (Porting Authorization Code) is a series of numbers that you can get from your network operator. If the PUK code allows you to unlock your phone, the PAC code is used to store your number when you change the network.

Unlike the PUK code, a PAC is a variable code with each use. The PAC code must be communicated to you immediately by telephone or within two hours via SMS. This time limit is set by the telecommunications regulatory authority. If you want to change network, you must get new PAC code from your current network.

To prevent someone from stealing your number, your mobile carrier may verify your identity. So expect to be asked a few questions. And most importantly, you must have relevant information that will allow you to respond quickly.

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