The Nintendo Switch dominates all other consoles in France, and so far!

Game news The Nintendo Switch dominates all other consoles in France, and so far!

It’s no secret: the Nintendo Switch has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release almost 6 years ago, and could even become the best-selling console of all time. However, what about our good old Hexagon? Well, total Nintendo machine success in France!

Are you one of the irreducible few to turn down the Nintendo Switch? Latest console on nintendowith an effective concept and accessibility that the competition might envy almost unprecedented success worldwide for the Japanese company, to the point of surpassing recent legends in terms of total sales in its youth history. The Switch will indeed be 6 years old in a month and a half, and its tremendous commercial success is reflected a little more in certain regions such as France, where it has just surpassed other manufacturers’ legendary machines.


  • Soon the best-selling console in history?
  • The record has been set in France

Soon the best-selling console in history?

At the start of 2023, the latest sales estimates for Nintendo’s hybrid console show an impressive total 119 million units were distributed worldwide, which made it the third best-selling machine in history from video games. The Switch is now actually at the front of the range gameboys (which is also included Game Boy Color) and has almost surpassed the figure of the PlayStation 4 now at the end of its lifespan, and which it looks like it can no longer surpass. We have to get confirmation of the exact sales figures from the Kyoto company soon, the results of which will be presented on 7 February according to Nintendo’s official website. As an illustration, the following is a comparison of Switch sales with other manufacturers’ machines at the end of the previous annual report:

Nintendo still seems reluctant to talk publicly about producing a next-generation machine to replace the Switch, therefore we can reasonably think that it is still quite far from its end. The Switch now just sits in the back playstation2 and Nintendo DS whose seemingly untouched records (about 155 million each) now appear to be in danger: if there were “only” about 35 million Switches left for distribution in the world, the level of console sales would be such that they would be enough to sustain them for another. two years. His heirs have still not been announced, not even in codename form, it seems very likely that the Switch will still be in operation for a full two years before relinquishing its crown.”’ To illustrate, Nintendo publicly unveiled the “NX” project on March 17, 2015, two years before the final release of the machine as the Switch…

The record has been set in France

On our side of the region, the numbers are slightly different. According to figures from the GfK group, the Nintendo DS “family” (consisting of its four versions) are the best-selling machines in history on French soil, with around 10.5 million copies. However, the biggest selling home console in France is… Wii! Another bold concept from Nintendo, the family console par excellence has been distributed to 6.3 million units in France, ahead of the PS2 which was only 6 million units. And the Switch in all of this, would you tell me? Healthy, his new record is undeniable because now it totals 7.1 million sales in our country. If it still lags behind the DS, for reasons similar to the global figures mentioned above, the Nintendo Switch is now the best-selling home console in the history of the video game market in France.

Do you think the Nintendo Switch can become the best-selling video game console of all time, both in France and worldwide? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!

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