Sale 2023: One of the best Zelda games offered in this Nintendo Switch package!

Good news Sale 2023: One of the best Zelda games offered in this Nintendo Switch package!

Tired of struggling to find a PS5 or Xbox Series X? If the console is affected by component shortages and off-the-shelf restocks, this is not the case for the Nintendo Switch, which continues to perform like a charm. During this sale this winter, this package includes a Switch with one of the best games from the The Legend of Zelda license only available at console prices!

Winter sale 2023: OLED Switch pack with free Zelda Skyward Sword HD available on Fnac!

If you’re looking for a cheap video game console, the Nintendo Switch is definitely at the top of your list, because it is the cheapest machine in the market, The PS5 and Xbox series are much more expensive and less available. And among the various Switch models out there, the OLED is without a doubt the best, as it doesn’t sacrifice joy-cons like the Lite, and offers an excellent screen with much more beautiful colors than the original model. .

Even so, as we explained above, Nintendo products are rarely sold cheaply, the Kyoto company doesn’t seem to like giving discounts, much like Apple. Today, because it’s Fnac surgery we’re going to talk to you about. Indeed, the chain stores currently offer the game for the purchase of an OLED Switch at its normal price, which is €319.99. For this price you’ll be left with a machine with white Joy-Cons, and copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD after obtaining a score of 16/20 from our editorial staff.

The Buy Switch OLED with Zelda is priced at €319.99 on Fnac

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Winter sale 2023: Better than Nintendo Switch? OLED Switch with free games!

If you’re not familiar with the various Nintendo Switch versions, know that OLED is the best and the newest. Hardware level, nothing has changed, and therefore games won’t do better on it, unlike what we’ve seen before between the 3DS and News 3DS for example, or with the “Pro” models from PlayStation.

The console has a native 64GB SSD, which is more than enough to download some good games. Nintendo titles are not considered too heavy, for example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which remains the most impressive game from its license weighs in at almost 14 GB.

Compared to the basic Switch comes three big new features. The most important changes are clearly found at the screen level, as LCD panels have been replaced by OLED screens. The latter offers an identical 720p resolution, but has a slightly larger diagonal at 7 inches versus 6.2 inches on the original model.meaning we will play with a less good definition.

However, the brightness and colorimetry qualities of OLED largely compensate for this flaw, and images are generally more pleasing on the new model. Once connected to your TV, we’ll stay in 1080p, with no difference.

Second novelty issue arrival of the RJ45 port in the machine dock. This will allow you to do without Wi-Fi while playing on the TV. This is especially useful when playing online games where you need to minimize latency, or to better enjoy games that can be played exclusively in the Cloud, like Remedy’s Control.

Finally, the latest novelty consists of new legs that have a better range of adjustments at the rear of the machine, which are more practical to put on a table, although this is not really an argument for sale.

The Buy Switch OLED with Zelda is priced at €319.99 on Fnac

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