MGS isn’t dead yet: PS5 remake of Metal Gear Solid to be announced soon?

Games News MGS isn’t dead yet: PS5 remake of Metal Gear Solid to be announced soon?

Some rumors die hard! And since some of them eventually pay off, it would be a shame not to believe in the consistent others. Between them, the possibility of a Metal Gear Solid remake is back in the news regularly, and is still being talked about…

Every year, it’s the same thing, and we see the same rumors resurfacing as certain events approach, or even without the particular context that seems appropriate to them. Over the years, certain remakes of Metal Gear Solid have been mentioned regularly, from insider more or less well placed considering in particular that this new production is ensured by Bluepoint Gamesspecialist in high-quality remasters and remakes, acquired in 2021 by sony to join the PlayStation Studios galaxy. After years of speculation, and the recent announcement of yet another remake of the cult title by Konamiit could be that things will be clarified sooner.


  • Konami, lost brand image
  • Silent Hill 2 remake: open door?

Konami, lost brand image

Released in September 2015, Metal Gear Solid V is the final canonical “MGS” in the series…

Over the years, Konami has lost a lot of popularity among its fans. In 2015, the break between the Japanese publisher and its most famous employee, the famous game designer Hideo Kojima, it hurts as it is published. Lead back and forth the cancellation of Silent Hills whose “PT” demo became a cult cult for many players, or the complicated release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain published without the designer already gone, the editor-developer not just friends, and its seven long years of production decidedly to convince no one. We think especially about the absence of any form of new unreleased title on the cult license side of Castlevania or Silent Hill, or even the slow killing of Pro Evolution Soccer became eFootball, a free-to-play with a very bad reputation.

MGS isn't dead yet: PS5 remake of Metal Gear Solid to be announced soon?

… but that’s Metal Gear Survive, released in February 2018, which is the last episode of the license.

On the Metal Gear franchise side, it was created in 1987 by Hideo Kojima and became very popular with the work playstation in 1998, his exploits had been rock bottom since the designer’s exit from the studio. Konami has only developed one new “Metal Gear” game since 2015, Certain Metal Gear Survive was released in February 2018 and the reception was more than mixed. If the publisher still holds the licensing rights, it’s safe to say that the absence of the creator of his extraordinary universe is slowing down any desire to develop new episodes. So, why not tap into the aura of an enormous franchise, lauded in particular for its avant-garde scenarios and highly cinematic video game vision, with the latest remake? Or, finally, the revised version of the excellent Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, still exclusive to the PlayStation 3 for almost 15 years and which has never had a single remaster or port?

Silent Hill 2 remake: open door?

MGS isn't dead yet: PS5 remake of Metal Gear Solid to be announced soon?

At the end of 2022, rumors of a Silent Hill 2 remake have finally come to an end with the expected project becoming official.

However, this is nothing more than a legitimate port, nor is it a remake of the first “MGS”, which looks set to be announced soon. Recently, it’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater whose name appears the most, and which we talked about again at the end of last year after communications from Konami suggested an interesting announcement for 2023. Frequently mentioned by insider after also announcing that they have sources confirming the Silent Hill 2 remake that the publisher finally officially confirmed in late October 2022, this Metal Gear remake therefore seems increasingly coherent… and recent information is heading in this direction. As such, the now infamous, anonymous “The Snitch” has teased (or even explicitly leaked) several announcements since E3 2022 without ever being mistaken, has been talked about again.

In an article byInsider Games, indeed reported the return of the most famous “leaker”, but should have ceased its activities last month. The latter is thus shown on its Discord server that “a trusted source has privately messaged him on Twitter to confirm that PlayStation will be making a third party announcement soon. Who says “3rd party” because it says third party title, and not developed by PlayStation studio (or published by Sony). However, it’s now been a few years since a potential remake of Metal Gear Solid was mentioned often, and with that another Konami classic that’s popping up more or less at the same time regularly pops up: Silent Hill 2. With the latter finally confirmed, rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake make even more sense. Now it remains to be seen which episode will be a concern, even if other episodes insider insist on the first work of the famous infiltration license:

RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake will be announced at Sony’s February/March presentation. ?

And you, which episode of the Metal Gear series would you like to see the subject of a full remake? Let us know in the comments!

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