“For me, writing music is a very individual act”

An insatiable researcher, Claire Diterzi demonstrates a passion for novelty in each of her projects, to overcome barriers between the arts and the traditional singer circuit, assigned to a strictly triptych “tour-promo-disk”. Musically, he digs his groove between punk rock, pop music, and electro, without hindering himself from playing more traditional instrumental music. On stage, he is involved in various artistic worlds, such as theatre, pictorial art, and dance. After honing their skills in the alternative rock band formed in 1987, The Forguette Mi Note, Claire Diterzi started a solo career, with several records and a residency at Villa Medici, without going solo. He worked with various directors and choreographers such as Marcial Di Fonzo Bo or Philippe Decouflé, before founding, in 2014, the company I keep a dog, the origin of many projects in which artists from all walks of life collaborate. In the From Bejaia to…, a theatrical and musical show created in 2022 and currently on tour, Claire Diterzi changed lives, namely Tassadite, an Ivryenne who was born in 1932 in the small mountain village of Kabylie and landed in Le Bourget in 1955. inspired by life stories which echoes her own story – Claire Diterzi is from Kabyle through her father – to raise current questions about women’s place, father’s place, emancipation, tolerance or relationship to family and nature. In the Because that’s how I’m going to make an opera all by myself, which played January 22 and 23 in Vannes and January 25 to 29 at 104 in Paris, he imagined the anger of a young girl before the patriarchy, who locked herself alone in her room to write opera there. This creation, the interpretation of which he entrusted to soprano Anaïs de Faria, was also his first performance for children. He summons ghosts of the past, ancestral folklore and electric guitars. On the occasion of these two new shows, Claire Diterzi delivered on his unconventional journey, during a long-term interview.

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At the crossroads of art

Labeled media and network systems love labels. And because I have a lot of hats, it’s kind of annoying, lost, blurry. But at the same time, that’s what makes me strong, which means I can really get ahead and I can work. Whereas if I stay in the middle of recording, I think I will get tired » Claire Diterzi

It is important to place the song in space. When I wrote, I already saw where the musicians would be. The idea of ​​being able to move around on set was new in 2008, it took me more time to rehearse than is generally allotted for singers and musicians on the network. I preferred my time like a theater director or choreographer, and then I picked up bad habits with Philippe Decoufle, and other collaborations with theater directors. I think they have time to find a shooting location. It stimulated me by writing songs to tell myself that in hindsight, I would be able to have fun putting them on a plate.Claire Diterzi

For economic and other artistic models

Moving forward, I started with wanting and needing to get outside the “Label, publisher, concert producer” set. It’s an economic model surrounding a singer but I find that it childishes me. I don’t spit on it because I grew on it, but there was a time when I was walking around and thought I wanted to direct my career, whether it be my employees growing my work. I want to know where the money is coming from and where it is going. So I really want to be pack leader, I want to be my producer » Claire Diterzi

I always make my own notes. I have a very intimate side to recording, a very aloof relationship with mics and arrangements. Writing music, for me, is a very individual act. We lie in our corner, which is ecstatic, and then we are the opposite, we open up and we are in extroversion. You have to combine teams, artists, technicians. You have to find the production, find the money… And that only works when you’ve produced something you’re proud of. I want to master that, because that’s the company’s idea » Claire Diterzi

Performances by Claire Diterzi and her company Je garde le chien, on tour:

  • From Bejaia to …staging of Claire Diterzitext and music by Claire Diterzi and Hafid Djemai, freely inspired from “Tatassé – My battle dream – From Béjaïa to Ivry-sur-Seine” by Tassadite Zidelkhile & Christian Billères. With Saadia Bentaïeb, Amar Chaoui, Claire Diterzi, Hafid Djemaï and Rafaelle Rinaudo.
    Date: January 24/25 in Tours, February 3 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, March 7 in Voiron, March 14 in Châlons-en-Champagne, April 18 in Chatillon, May 10 in Vannes, July 25 and 26 in Paris l’été festival .
    Presentation : “Claire Diterzi (re) creates life, namely Tassadite, born in 1932 in a small mountain village in Kabylia and landing in Le Bourget in 1955. For the poetic and mischievous words of the old woman embodied by actress Saadia Bentaïeb, in a projection setting, responding to the melody of the song mixed with the sound of traditional music, with the involvement of musicians Hafid Djemaï, Rafaelle Rinaudo and Amar Chaoui. Claire Diterzi brings us passionate work across musical genres and boundless disciplines

  • Because that’s how I’m going to make an opera all by myself, all-terrain opera for young audiences / all audiences. Text, composition, direction and scenography Claire Diterzi. With a soprano Anais de Faria.
    Date: January 22 and 23 in the Scène du Golfe de Vannes / From January 25 to 29 in Centquatre in Paris / On February 7 in the Région en Scène in Chartres / On February 14 at Royal Boui Boui in La Ferté sous Jouarre / From February 23 to 24 in Gallia Théâtre in Saintes / From March 13 to 18 in St Quentin en Yvelines / March 30 at the Théâtre des Poissons in Frocourt / April 4 at La Bouche d’Air in Nantes / May 4 and 5 at Nouveau Relax in Chaumont / From 11 to 14 May at Monfort in Paris / June 16 at the Opéra de Limoges.
    Presentation : “Our story begins with great anger. A childish rage that made doors slam and walls shake. Anger to end injustice, prohibition, orders to be something other than what Anya wants: FREE. Through her rebellion, it is the power of autonomy of a very young girl that interests us. But it’s also the certainty that children’s anger is, far from being a fad, at times a tremendous force of rediscovery“.

  • Concert at the table , an acoustic duo written, composed and directed by Claire Diterzi. With Claire Diterzi (vocals, guitar) and Stephen Garin Where Lou Renaud Bailly (percussion, vocals).
    date : from January 19 to 21 in Centquatre in Paris / From February 28 to March 3 in Trident, in Cherbourg-en-Contentin / March 10 in La Courée in Collégien / From March 27 to 28 in Théâtre des Poissons in Frocourt / Les 30 and March 31 at the Gallia Théâtre in Saintes / May 5 at the Théâtre Les Arts in Cluny / May 20 at the Trianon Transatlantique in Sotteville-lès-Rouen.
    Presentation : ” imagine Claire Diterzi sitting on your kitchen table. Imagine an electric kettle, a sponge, a faucet, joining the instruments removed from the musical stem Stephen Garin , Geo Trouvetou and the outstanding Tournesol professor of contemporary music. Imagine a small, unlimited concert that replays and thwarts hand-picked pieces from a musician’s repertoire, in an explosion of rhythmic, ethereal, and mischievous sound. “.

  • Symphony Diterzi“, a symphony concert with a professional orchestra
    or older conservatory students. Find it on Sunday 4th June 2023 at 5pm at the Jean Arp Theater in Clamart. Presentation : “Claire Diterzi screened “select sections” from the album in orchestral version, with arrangement by Sylvain Griotto. Capable of all metamorphoses, considering her recordings as so many projects pursued by beautiful creations, Claire Diterzi always strives to captivate French songs, change genres and greet all audiences. Here he is by his own admission given: to see his songs, scored with irony and sometimes gravity, embellished with symphonic orchestrations. Right in the middle of the Symphony Orchestra, Claire Diterzi can go on a true singing tour with her voice capable of boldly revisiting her “classics”. A meeting between rock-style songs, gifted with the wildest beats and the best lyrics, and classical music

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