Big update for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris on Nintendo Switch

A new update has been released for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, bringing the game to version 2.0.1. This update specifically increases the level cap for player characters and weapons, and adds new costumes and weapons.

I leave you with the (poorly) patchnote translated by me, otherwise you can use the English patchnote.

New added content

– Increased the maximum level of playable characters from 100 to 110. *The new level cap may be increased after the game is updated to version 2.0.1.
– Weapon level increase from 25 to 30. *To increase the level, players must complete Mutant Beast missions to obtain the necessary resources.
– Increased SYSTEM CONTROL AUTHORITY level cap from 50 to 110. * Level cap may be increased after game update to 2.0.1.
– Added new costumes and avatar parts. *Costumes will be automatically added to character creation and clothing display after updating the game to version 2.0.1.
– Added “Mito” avatar and costume parts from Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive-Aria of a Starless Night – Added “Alphen” and “Shionne” avatar and costume parts from Tales of Arise
– Added a new weapon in “Memory Exchange”.
– Added a new feature: “Equipment Synthesis”.
– Using “Memory Coins” allows players to transfer upgrade levels from one equipment to another. *Equipment with a boost level below +5 cannot be used in Equipment Synthesis. *Unique equipment such as “Night Sky Blade” cannot be used as a resource for Equipment Synthesis. *Equipment used as equipment synthesis materials will be consumed and lost. *After completing the free incremental story update part 4 “Ancient Apostles: The Blue-Eyed Demon”, players can access Memory Exchange from raid dungeon access points. – Added quest Mutant Beast Lv300 in each kingdom.
– Added Raid Boss Evolved *When existing raid bosses reach level 200, they evolve. Evolved raid bosses have different appearances and attacks. Defeating these more powerful raid bosses will provide players with even bigger rewards.
– Added new equipment
– The number of Incarnation Shards required to upgrade equipment has been reduced.
– The number of Incarnation Shards required to reach the “+25” upgrade has been reduced.


– The limit on the number of days a player can participate in Mutated Beast Quests and Memory Arena has been removed. Players will be able to challenge the search for each content at any time. *An internet connection is required to participate in this mission.
– The maximum level of the quest below has been changed;
– Raid quest Reaper Reborn: Level cap increased from 200 to 400 – Knight Reborn, King Reborn, Demon Reborn quest raid: Level cap increased from 199 to 400.
– Increases the overall strength of the Holy Arts
– Activating Holy Art attack after sword skill while the target is available for chaining will now trigger “Holy Art Flurry”.
– Spear sword skill adjustments as below:
– Decreased the attack level of Double Helix from 6 to 5 – Decreased the duration of the Dimension Stampede debuff effect from 15 to 10 seconds.


– The characters “Strea” and “Philia” can now use the Viewer Suit.
– ACC adjustment against enemies with a higher level than the player during battle.
– Adjusted the learning rate of unlearned personal art codes so they no longer break when replaced.
– Added a new item drop specification
– Defeated enemies added from 2.0.1 will have a chance to drop properties *Some properties are not eligible.
– Changed combat skills and passive skills for some weapons and attachments.
– Changed the skill assigned to the bracelet accessory “XT Charm Bangle” from Passive Skill: Enlightenment+ to Passive Skill: Surrender.


– Fixed bugs and other minor issues.

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