These 3 arguments from the government are observed

CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP Pension reform: 3 government arguments scrutinized (photo taken December 1)


Pension reform: 3 government arguments scrutinized (photo taken December 1)

POLITICS – Unraveling the narrative. The main lines of the pension reform are now known, the government, led by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, is now providing after-sales service around the clock to demonstrate the benefits and the need for reform, however it was criticized by unions and rejected. mostly French.

The latest example to date: the head of government is closed for a week ” pedagogy » through a long interview at France Inter, Saturday 14 January. An interview exclusively devoted to text, was undoubtedly the most dangerous of Macron’s two five-year terms in office. ” I will work to convince the French “, he explained in particular, insisting on” justice his reforms, a motto echoed by the majority since his announcement last Tuesday.

To do this, the government and Emmanuel Macron’s supporters emphasize several points and finalize key arguments, which should justify the required efforts of the population. HuffPost wanted to question this plea, by confronting it with the words of several experts.

Balance guarantee?

The first argument: the reform, which provides for, among other things, the postponement, in two stages, of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, should make it possible to return the system to financial balance by 2030. is what Élisabeth Borne explained on Tuesday evening 10 January, presenting the text, and what he’s been repeating since… It’s true.

For pension system specialists, who are quite unanimous on this issue, the savings, estimated at 17.7 billion euros by Bruno Le Maire, will effectively cover the expected deficit in 2030.” Even a little higher.” proceed Matthieu Plane, economist at the French Observatory of Economic Conditions, interviewed by Europe 1. With caution, in spite of everything: “That assumes a low unemployment rate. » And therefore the job prospects for seniors.

There were no previous objections », confirm to HuffPost Michaël Zemmour, economist at the Center for Economics at the Sorbonne, on this sacred financial balance. ” but”, he determines, “There is no need to vote for this schedule, and especially this reform. » More than the savings made, it is actually the contours and appropriateness of such texts that are the subject of debate among specialists and political leaders.

Reforms that are “fair” for women?

So to convince their critics, Elisabeth Borne and the majority repeatedly repeated that the new pension system would be fairer… Especially for women. This, through consideration of parental leave on the device ” long career » or retain discount cancellation at age 67, action ” protection “, according to macronie.

But it is an understatement to say that this point is moot. According to many experts, these examples raised by the head of government do not match the efforts demanded by France. And especially for the French. ” Regarding the measure of age, what the Prime Minister presents as a measure of justice is a measure to reduce the negative effects of reform “Michael Zemmour summary. Before adding, as an illustration: Considering long career parental leave should have very limited effect, and remain limited to 4 quarters. “. Instead, he continued, many women reach full tariff at age 62 due to the inclusion of children among those whose initial age of full tariff will be shifted by a maximum of 2 years. »

It was clear to him that only a few women with long careers would be protected by these reforms, while the others, a great many, who could have quit at 62 years of age, would be forced to work another two years.

An observation shared by Rachel Silvera, economist, lecturer at the University of Paris-Nanterre. Especially since for her, moreover, she is ” mockery “will be based on maintenance discount,” appalling injustice to women who have incomplete careers,” to promote justice reform. “Discounts should be removed so the project benefits women rather than keeping them at 67”he explained to an economics magazine Challenge, knowing that this penalty applies if there is a missing quarter is more worrying for women, due to their shorter or choppier careers. Far from functioning as a shield, this action will actually become a factor of aggravating injustice.

Better retirement?

There remains another key executive argument: reform will guarantee France ” who have contributed throughout their lives”, to “depart with a better retirement” through, in particular, the revaluation of small pensions which can be up to 85% of the minimum wage. This was one of the ambitions repeated in a speech by Elisabeth Borne, then her minister in media. And a form of leniency that is made both for the rights and for the (large) part of the population who reject reform.

It depends on the case “, shades of Michael Zemmour, since “Some will walk away with a lower pension (because of lost premiums), but on average, that’s true. » Above all, the specialist emphasizes various conditions, asterisks, to access the revaluation envelope. ” Some simple pensioners are not entitled to it “, due to conditions” full rate “, he explained through an example. Others are entitled to it, but will not receive a full revaluation, as this requires a full career.

Finally, average profits range from 1% to 3% for 0 to 2 years” additional work, economist analysis, when, “ today, a year of voluntarily contributing over the full age rate earns more than the order of 5%. And to conclude: Hence it is less favorable than the current situation in most cases. This will not fail to be reminded of the Prime Minister and his ministers during the weeks of debate announced in Parliament.

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