How to find a cell phone with WhatsApp, on Android and iPhone?

Apart from being the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp also helps you find your lost or stolen Smartphone. However, many users are not aware of the existence of this interesting feature which also helps in quickly identifying a person’s location. How to find a cell phone via WhatsApp, both on Android and on iPhone? We will also find applications that will allow you to track your child’s cell phone, for example, to follow their position. The maneuver is very simple to perform. You just need to follow these instructions.

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We are going to introduce you a legitimate method to find out the location of the mobile using the WhatsApp application. However, for this to work, the owner of the phone must first authorize the option to share their location. This means that this method won’t work if you’re planning to spy on someone without their knowledge.

Therefore, the WhatsApp platform allows you to share your location with one person, and even with one contact in a discussion group.

Here’s how location is shared in messaging apps:

  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Open the chat of the person you want to send your location to.
  • Click the Attach button (looks like a paperclip).
  • Select the “Location” icon.
  • Click “Share real time location” or “Share live location”. You can choose how long you want to share your location with this person
  • Then select “Stop Sharing” when you want to end it.

If you want to know someone’s location throughout the day, just pick up their phone and share their location with you. This way you will know where your children and your partner are at all times.

NB : If the app doesn’t work for you, you can reinstall WhatsApp without losing your chats or contacts.

WhatApp: find mobile using Cellular TR3

“Celular TR3” has been gaining popularity over the last few years. This is a program that works as a WhatsApp tracker. This software is also widely used for parental control, namely so that parents can easily find out where their child is in real time. Obviously, the person you are monitoring must have this app installed on their phone.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the Celular TR3 app on the phone you want to monitor.
  • Then download it to your computer and open the software.
  • Store your personal data on the server.
  • Write down the person’s Gmail address and phone number in the appropriate boxes.
  • Click find. In a few seconds you will know the location of your child’s Smartphone for example in real time.

IPhone mobile

iPhone cell phone – Source: spm

Have you lost your Smartphone and want to find it quickly? It is possible to find out the location of an iPhone without downloading any software.

Here’s how:

  • On your computer, open a browser and click on this link:
  • Select “Find My iPhone”. You can also perform this process on your iOS device from the “Find My iPhone” app.
  • Enter your iCloud login information.
  • Select “All devices”.
  • Click on the iPhone you want to find.
  • You will see the actual location of your device or the last location recorded by GPS.

Once you’ve found your iPhone, choose one of the following options:

  • plays sound : select this option to make the Smartphone make a loud sound so you can find it easily, if it’s just nearby.
  • lost mode : by pressing this button, the phone will be immediately blocked. If it has been stolen, it will be locked and difficult to access. You can even send a full-screen message to the person who found your phone if it just goes missing. He can give it back to you.
  • Clear data : if you no longer have any hope of recovering your phone, better consider performing a radical wipe of all stored information to prevent thieves from accessing your personal data.

Pleased to hear it : Soon, Apple users will be able to know the real location of iPhone even if GPS is turned off or disabled. Indeed, the Apple company recently announced that a new “Find My” app is coming with the iOS 13 operating system.

This will be a merger between the “Find my iPhone” and “Find My Friends” applications, which will allow you to know the location of the device even when disconnected. How will this service work? The lost iPhone will signal other nearby iOS devices via Bluetooth signal and reveal its exact location.

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